Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Breakup!

Ok just to clarify am not in a negative frame as the post would suggest... ;) I am just trying to elaborate on the act which is called break up. Although am not a huge fan of the concept Girl Friend/Boy Friend am not going to be bias about it. In my younger days (come on that doesn't mean am old now :P) I always used to wonder about this word and could never relate with that. I come from a conventional city but could hear some rebel stories which were shot down as soon as they came up in public discussion.

What I understood from it was to "Break the relation", but then my confusion was how can you ever break a relation. What has happened has already happened you can’t forget it unless you are suffering from some disease.  Looking back now I feel it was a very innocent thought, I still feel the same but somehow have understood the real meaning out of it.

I feel sorry for youngsters who get involved in a relation just for peer pressure and end up having lost too much already. I remember talking to one of my friend who disclosed "Yaar break up nahi kareinge to next hook up kaise hoga..." ("If I won’t break, how can I hook up with someone else...") I didn't knew how to react to that...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Am Bored... Does that makes me NORMAL?!?!?

I am getting bored, predictable, monotonous, solving (rather trying to solve) similar problems (which has no relation with me but still is related to me) Etc Etc... Describing a hopeless situation has to be as difficult as it can be understood. To complicate it more let me add that i have too less a time to think in 24 Hrs i have in a day. When weekend getaways satisfaction stops lasting for more than a fortnight there has to be some issue.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Dry Year Continues!!!

I never knew that i wont be able to post for this long... It has been a hectic but satisfying year till now... loads to write... let me get hold of sometime and i will share all of them.