Monday, October 01, 2012

Am back alone!

After the chaos and all the catastrophe we have something to cheer and feel content about... Wife is spending some time with her folks which means I am living bachelorhood. Well, my idea of bachelor is more arranged than most of the married gals ;) but this time around I miss my gal around especially to do things together. Feeling of doing things alone sucks now although I love to arrange things "my-way" which is almost done considering I have already spent 10 days without her.

Waiting to be together soon and spend the beautiful journey.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chaos and Confusion!

Another phase of chaos and confusion has rocked my life... not sure what exact emotions it should extract out of me... Last 9 months have been very challenging from all corners of life. I remember the days when I used to struggle to manage a young team, but am happy it all turned out to be very neat in the end. I changed my professional path to get a kick and I achieved what I wanted to.

Now things are changing and in process of adding absolute confusion, all I have learnt from my past is not to plan as its of no use... Lets see what's in store...