Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Kurbaan" Spreading Hatred or Harmony?!?!?!?

Last Friday we (my wife and me) watched Kurbaan. It was a fast paced movie and I found it technically well made. However, if someone asks “How's the movie?” or “Did you like the movie?” there is a brief pause and then the review follows.

Story moves around a character that appears handsome and charming but is a pak based terrorist working for a sleeper cell in US. The same hysterical motive follows, and in end change of heart happens and negates some damage at least in order to save his pregnant beloved.

My silence before actual review is due to my vulnerability to explain to the world that not all Muslims are terrorists. It’s a very sensitive issue and I dunno if that’s shown in Media how many people will change their thoughts/opinion. I have a feeling that it would spread more hatred rather than bridging the gap.

I somehow feel that movie instead of spreading that there are muslims who can derail the terror plot at the cost of their lives it shall spread that muslims use hindu gals in their path of destruction.

I live in a city which is progressive and there are less people who are biased to a certain section of crowd at least on face. But situation at other places are not that good, I have heard and went through lot of situations personally which were traumatic for a peaceful Muslim.

Since childhood I have mostly gelled with non-muslims and they are just like family but sometimes it’s really tough. Just to quote an incident one of my friends Mom in reaction to “Parliamentary attacks in 2001…” explained that “These muslims are born to destruct…, stay away…” My sweet friend in turn shared everything with me, so the purpose was defeated but the hatred continued…

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!!!

Two months are long enough for me to realize that I have not been posting anymore. When I look back there were only few reasons. The heaviest answer is that practically having plethora of things in my mind, including work and personal chores. I feel like holding threads with my hands, legs, mouth, eyes, nose Etc… I am not complaining cuz all this is adding value to my profile and I am learning every moment. Staying motivated is not a problem as I have some vision and am working towards the same.

Personal life has changed but not much I believe it’s just that I need to remember more things and ask my gal to remember some J all I hate it now is that our family is too far and we both are missing loads of things cuz of that.