Sunday, September 13, 2009


I don’t know since when I started to like this flower but my liking grew more when I started to live alone. This Mexican flower brings the power to up the tempo of my day. Am happy to accept that it’s the girly side of me, which is quite aversive to lot of guys. I always enjoyed decorating my home, with flowers and various decors’ while glass and wooden arrangements being the favorite. But flowers have always been a "Special" part of my home.

My mom used to love Gladiolus, along with Tuberose... so aroma has been around since I was a kid it’s just that I am keeping the legacy alive. I used to bring it for her when I was in college which was fun.

Although I love Roses as well, but I can never get enough of Rajanigandha.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friends, Office and Faking

Past 5.5 years that I passed in Bangalore were primarily in office and thus if I can count my friends they are mostly from office. Recently my friend (Sumit) started a recruitment venture in Hyderabad and others followed, am happy that it’s moving nicely. Although my wife works in my office and she is almost there with me when am dull still I miss my old friends. I had a small circle in office and now when I find none to talk to, it’s really very frustrating.

I have transformed to an accommodating person when things are not according to my wish, until I am not taken for granted. Today I once again watched Season 5 of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, where Chandler's work laugh is portrayed as a fake one just to please his immediate boss. It was really funny and I was all smiles when he (Chandler) asks Monika to lose in the Tennis Match just cuz he wanted his boss to invite him for a dinner. There have been few people who have seen me working in office, and each one of them have hated me to the core while I was in office. Reasons were never related to my work but had always to do about my behavour in office. Majority of the times question were raised on the culture of office starting from the way I talk to people, how aggressive we are when we work, how we crack jokes on people, how we gossip, there is also a feeling that we disrespect women (which is bullshit), how we back people who work more, how we laugh... Etc Etc... ;o)

I don't have words for few of the interpretations (read assumptions) there are times when youhave to do things just cuz you have to do, no harm intended to anyone. If I just talk about myself I am not a pervert, but am surely a fun loving guy who try to keep a friendly atmosphere while working. I feel there is no harm in that, if that get things done in this environ I guess I am doing my job well...

There are various things which I also hate it, but then I have to do it. Talking about fake laugh... :D tell me about it... ;)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Getting Nostalgic!!!

I was in a meeting early morning when i happen to see the calendar and got to see the todays date. I quietly smiled, was lucky no one noticed... Eight years back same day i joined MCA in BBD. Day marks a lot of significance in my life as the journey decided a long path in my career.

Thinking about those days i feel how focussed i was at that stage. It was a good stay for sure, learnt a lot in all aspects. Its great to get nostalgic... i loved those days although it was really hard at times due to variety of reasons.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ramzan time!

Today is 11th roza and ya things are going great! It has been certainly hectic till now but can be manageable. My Blogs have taken serious hit as my blogs in draft is increasing with each passing day.

I will be surely clearing it off by this weekend. There are too many things happening in my personal and professional life so loads to shed... ;)

Am trying to be more assertive in office and this time am not carrying guilt if am being harsh on certain people. There are plenty of things to do and we all have to be aggressive and if things are not moving in the same direction its going to be hard.

Am trying a read a lot on the similar implementations to our product which is really difficult as our product is one of its kind from both technical and business standpoint.

Personal life is very hectic... hardly any off's and now in Ramzan time is just flying... And we have a planned visit to Lucknow so we both are excited. :o)