Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dream On!!!

It was long back when I realized that I am a mindless thinker... My thoughts were just backed by my words and no one used to ever get what exactly it shall translate to... Sometimes my thoughts were so obscure that I used to really pass a smile on myself. But now looking back am very happy and grateful to me that I have loads to achieve and work for.

I certainly feel that dreaming is an art... Long back I read a book "Creative Visualization", that was the first and last motivational book I read on a request of a close friend. Minus some shady thoughts I did like that book. It surely aggravated "dreaming" in me...

My thoughts were never restricted to professional or personal life... or some other life... I keep on thinking about all possibilities, long/short term, critical/petty, serious/funny... It will not be wrong to consider that I have pun a small layer of dreams around me...

I just wanna dream on...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Love is in AIR!!!

I can smell it... :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

So my craving gets a big feed!!!

None of my work has been smoother than this... Now at last i have my own car... Cant wait to get a good hold of the steering... man thats warm... coolest feeling... Am just living in this moment...

Monday, June 01, 2009

So... Am a bad listener?

At last I have been able to start thinking strongly in this direction... People did complain on occasions that I dun listen and tend to frame some notion in my mind which might be wrong and hence forth all my reactions/comments/observations are biased.

Am stubborn but not egoistic, am clumsy and rude at times but not insenstive and am emotional but not indiscernible... I guess and hope at the same time people who are/were close always get that, otherwise it’s a bad news.

Am definitely arrogant on occasions but those topics are few and I shall remain sticky on it. There are people who will literally laugh it off when they read the post’s topic... They cannot imagine me as bad listener... :) So there is a problem in perceiving it and my inability to understand the exact situation on occasions.

I am wondering why the heck I am writing all this... I shouldn’t be really explaining all this... Actually, I hate to listen these conclusive one angled statements/allegations... it bothers me for sure when my clumsy nature concludes on such stupid comments.

So take away for me in this situation shall be to stay calm on those challenging situations and understand the depth instead of commanding and giving "gyan". I hope that helps...