Monday, January 19, 2009

Inordinate Coordinates!!!

There is a very important issue which I never talked about. Almost everyone is hit by that and it’s "Global Economy Slowdown". It translates to different meaning for every individual. Am getting married in April, and to me it means a "Difficult Year" ahead for sure. I never used to spend lavishly, but yeah I do used to spend on my hobbies. I know that’s not too huge to even mention, but yeah I can cut that for sure. I always lived in nice places, and I used to spend more than what a normal bachelor shall do. I have strong likes and dislikes so I prefer living alone. Now I guess good news is House rents gonna go down. So hoping that I can normalize there.

Shape of Business is getting as dynamic as it can be. Shedding bad apples, stretching work timings, correcting remuneration, re-structuring teams, re-aligning and re-prioritizing projects and evaluating performances are helping to cut cost and improve productivity. This is the bad time for people who were having just "fun" for past 2.5 years. I regret to say that’s quite a number, at least in IT Industry. On a different note am happy, cuz there will be a big consolidation in outsourcing market and for sure larger hit will be IT. India has always been a consumer market for a long time now but now am hopeful there will be a lot of product startups which will arise in this very market.

Advantages for me are we have released a post alpha of the product and now working towards its beta release and everyone is more than motivated to give their best and make the product attain "corporate ready" shape. This is in adverse situation, and I am learning every minute. It’s real tough to manage a lot of things and communicate to people who have no idea what the ground realities are. But I feel am lucky to have enough support around me to cope these kinda situations. Just hope everything settles with time and "co-ordinates" are ordinated.

Monday, January 05, 2009

And we delivered...

Well by the time I was travelling, we resketched history by releasing 2 more products... Something which i am really proud of. One being Recruitment Management Suite and other one as a Niche Job Portal, having built in CRM capabilities.

Both the sites are in post alpha mode, and we are still bullish on adding things... So am sure coming months will be more exciting.

You can have a look of Reqster and AMS-Web. I am not publishing the UserName and password for sanity sake, can do it on request. Our website is also revamped.

Sunday, January 04, 2009


So last week of 2008, and I headed to the most difficult place at this time cuz  Its chilly, foggy, trains and flights getting late and lot of inconvenience. But I definitely had too many motivations to conquer all my scares. Journey was surely tiresome and boring of sorts. I had to do lot of running to get my cell charged. I reached late and entered into the state of Bihar… I never liked this place mostly cuz of people. Anyway wedding turned out to be nice and I met some of my cousins after a long time. Although I stayed silent for most of the time, I surely was secretly going through all the procedures.

I never told anyone about me meeting my gal in Delhi, cuz I wanted to avoid unnecessary questions. My “would be” in-laws also attended the wedding so I got one more good chance to interact and they were as sweet as I always perceived.

My biggest worry with marriage was the family compatibility and the gal gelling in with my family. Now all that is history, and Insha’Allah it will remain. I did inform my folks that I have got a ring for her and shall try to meet her.

My train reached 6 hours late and I was very much irritated. It was bright and sunny day… and the day became brighter in later part of the day. When the wind was caressing my body and trying to reach my bones… I was in different world. This was the first time this North“Wind” didn’t bother me…