Monday, December 28, 2009

Gadget Love!!!

It’s been almost a year when I wanted to buy a good smart phone. Didn’t do it cuz I never felt the need, but now sometimes I do feel it.

So at last I went and bought E72, and am reasonably happy except that am unable to connect my Bluetooth headset.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Kurbaan" Spreading Hatred or Harmony?!?!?!?

Last Friday we (my wife and me) watched Kurbaan. It was a fast paced movie and I found it technically well made. However, if someone asks “How's the movie?” or “Did you like the movie?” there is a brief pause and then the review follows.

Story moves around a character that appears handsome and charming but is a pak based terrorist working for a sleeper cell in US. The same hysterical motive follows, and in end change of heart happens and negates some damage at least in order to save his pregnant beloved.

My silence before actual review is due to my vulnerability to explain to the world that not all Muslims are terrorists. It’s a very sensitive issue and I dunno if that’s shown in Media how many people will change their thoughts/opinion. I have a feeling that it would spread more hatred rather than bridging the gap.

I somehow feel that movie instead of spreading that there are muslims who can derail the terror plot at the cost of their lives it shall spread that muslims use hindu gals in their path of destruction.

I live in a city which is progressive and there are less people who are biased to a certain section of crowd at least on face. But situation at other places are not that good, I have heard and went through lot of situations personally which were traumatic for a peaceful Muslim.

Since childhood I have mostly gelled with non-muslims and they are just like family but sometimes it’s really tough. Just to quote an incident one of my friends Mom in reaction to “Parliamentary attacks in 2001…” explained that “These muslims are born to destruct…, stay away…” My sweet friend in turn shared everything with me, so the purpose was defeated but the hatred continued…

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!!!

Two months are long enough for me to realize that I have not been posting anymore. When I look back there were only few reasons. The heaviest answer is that practically having plethora of things in my mind, including work and personal chores. I feel like holding threads with my hands, legs, mouth, eyes, nose Etc… I am not complaining cuz all this is adding value to my profile and I am learning every moment. Staying motivated is not a problem as I have some vision and am working towards the same.

Personal life has changed but not much I believe it’s just that I need to remember more things and ask my gal to remember some J all I hate it now is that our family is too far and we both are missing loads of things cuz of that.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I don’t know since when I started to like this flower but my liking grew more when I started to live alone. This Mexican flower brings the power to up the tempo of my day. Am happy to accept that it’s the girly side of me, which is quite aversive to lot of guys. I always enjoyed decorating my home, with flowers and various decors’ while glass and wooden arrangements being the favorite. But flowers have always been a "Special" part of my home.

My mom used to love Gladiolus, along with Tuberose... so aroma has been around since I was a kid it’s just that I am keeping the legacy alive. I used to bring it for her when I was in college which was fun.

Although I love Roses as well, but I can never get enough of Rajanigandha.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friends, Office and Faking

Past 5.5 years that I passed in Bangalore were primarily in office and thus if I can count my friends they are mostly from office. Recently my friend (Sumit) started a recruitment venture in Hyderabad and others followed, am happy that it’s moving nicely. Although my wife works in my office and she is almost there with me when am dull still I miss my old friends. I had a small circle in office and now when I find none to talk to, it’s really very frustrating.

I have transformed to an accommodating person when things are not according to my wish, until I am not taken for granted. Today I once again watched Season 5 of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, where Chandler's work laugh is portrayed as a fake one just to please his immediate boss. It was really funny and I was all smiles when he (Chandler) asks Monika to lose in the Tennis Match just cuz he wanted his boss to invite him for a dinner. There have been few people who have seen me working in office, and each one of them have hated me to the core while I was in office. Reasons were never related to my work but had always to do about my behavour in office. Majority of the times question were raised on the culture of office starting from the way I talk to people, how aggressive we are when we work, how we crack jokes on people, how we gossip, there is also a feeling that we disrespect women (which is bullshit), how we back people who work more, how we laugh... Etc Etc... ;o)

I don't have words for few of the interpretations (read assumptions) there are times when youhave to do things just cuz you have to do, no harm intended to anyone. If I just talk about myself I am not a pervert, but am surely a fun loving guy who try to keep a friendly atmosphere while working. I feel there is no harm in that, if that get things done in this environ I guess I am doing my job well...

There are various things which I also hate it, but then I have to do it. Talking about fake laugh... :D tell me about it... ;)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Getting Nostalgic!!!

I was in a meeting early morning when i happen to see the calendar and got to see the todays date. I quietly smiled, was lucky no one noticed... Eight years back same day i joined MCA in BBD. Day marks a lot of significance in my life as the journey decided a long path in my career.

Thinking about those days i feel how focussed i was at that stage. It was a good stay for sure, learnt a lot in all aspects. Its great to get nostalgic... i loved those days although it was really hard at times due to variety of reasons.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ramzan time!

Today is 11th roza and ya things are going great! It has been certainly hectic till now but can be manageable. My Blogs have taken serious hit as my blogs in draft is increasing with each passing day.

I will be surely clearing it off by this weekend. There are too many things happening in my personal and professional life so loads to shed... ;)

Am trying to be more assertive in office and this time am not carrying guilt if am being harsh on certain people. There are plenty of things to do and we all have to be aggressive and if things are not moving in the same direction its going to be hard.

Am trying a read a lot on the similar implementations to our product which is really difficult as our product is one of its kind from both technical and business standpoint.

Personal life is very hectic... hardly any off's and now in Ramzan time is just flying... And we have a planned visit to Lucknow so we both are excited. :o)

Friday, August 14, 2009

"Hug and Roll"

Out of no where I remembered the friends episode where Ross shared his in-famous "Hug and Roll" techinque. And ya that dint solve Chandler's problem by any means. I shared this with my wife and she was all cracked up... ;o)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Who are ya???

This post is dedicated to a surprise visitor at my blog from Delhi... I am glad that u find time at least once a day to hop in and find more stuff around... ;o)

I have been thinking of starting a photo blog soon... So stay around for more updates...

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Clock Ticks and Time Changes!

Sometimes I feel time runs like crazy when you are happy... or when you are out of "well"... It's like "Glad am out..." I really used to feel at times that will I become feeling less and this used to haunt me inside... Am not a person who can be cold and it's really sad on anyone's part if it happens.

In my life it did come to level where I stopped sharing my pain with anyone, and of course that led to too many problems cuz people started to feel that am the happiest person on earth. My feeling is if you share your pain and get relieved by telling that to "someone" you tend to get dependent on that person. And ya one of my friends did "Bull shit" this feeling of mine or maybe she felt that am simply lying...

Over a period of time I spent in Bangalore, I learnt how to stay happy while being alone and not faking it. Making myself believe that I don't need anything extra to make me happy.

Now things are very different, I have a pretty company who is as mad as I am... we talk nonsense loud, help each other, look at each other when the other person isn't watching, go for a lemonade when bored in office, have daily luncheon together... and enjoying every moment of it.

Now am not dependent on her but long to be with her...

Saturday, August 01, 2009

A Nice Day!!!

Got up Early in morning, then lazied around for a while... Made a list of "TO DO:" and thats how the journey started... Music and crazy talks... along with lil bit of yelling... yeah i do that when the to do list's are not prioritized... ;) Was going fair till then... from some discussion i went 8 years back... And indeed its a long time now...

Was just sharing it with my wife and yes she was surprised and ofcourse in a pleasant way to know about my writings, poems, songs... Getting a glimpse of your "LOST" self are hardly pleasant but it was fine...

In evening we watched movie "Love Aaj Kal" which was ok types... And again we had long chat while coming back... which was surely good...

Friday, July 31, 2009

Its Boring!!!

Am simply getting bored!!! and ya there are lot of reasons... I need to find the road to redemption... Any ideas?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

... and miles to go before i sleep

I am a self motivated person and have tons of things in mind at any given instant. I fail to conclude sometimes if thats right or wrong, so tend to drop that thought. My swiftness/activeness cannot be associated with haste or careless, but i will accept that am always in hurry. One of my close friends commented "... Are you born of eighth month???" ;o). The only reason i can make out is the realization of wasting good amount of time in past and its like now i have to make every moment count.

I was mostly lost in my schooling days and was hardly into literature but i do remember some poems. I remember mugging up Robert Frost's "... Miles to go before i sleep", i did'nt get much out of it back then. Today after 15 long years i am remembering that poem cuz i feel the same...

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep."

These lines struck me last night...

Monday, July 27, 2009

"New York"

So after a long gap saw a movie in theatre and ya this time it was with my adorable wife... And was fun... At last there was something meaningful in indian cinema. "New York" is a fair movie to start with and ya with a cause tooh...

Long back i wrote about an incident that happened with me and i did write about it here. I was very disappointed and i did come to know that lot of people went through the same. Movie at least brings the subject in light that "it" happened and now atleast citizens are aware about it and condemn the same.

Movie is about a Muslim guy who wanted to take revenge with FBI for being detained and tortured as a terror suspect. FBI sneaked his old muslim friend as an undercover agent to his home and ultimately he stops "The Mission", in the process his friend and wife getting killed.

It did end in a positive note stating things have changed and everybody has to move on now. And i feel thats the way to go.

Monday, July 06, 2009

It took 4 years to reason why I am a Fan of Roddick!

Everyone who saw Wimbledon Men's Singles Final Yesterday should be assured that they witnessed history. Apart from it being the longest Wimbledon final, it was unarguably the best fight Roddick can give to Roger. I have always liked him for being aggressive on court but what he lacked was consistency and he used to get carried away, he more than often failed to show the guts on big days and his baggage were always full of unforced err's. But what he displayed in this tournament was something different.

If I have dreamt of Andy playing like a champ, yesterday was the day... Am sure he was disappointed and for sure he was irritated as well. There were at least couple of calls which were pathetic by Hawk-Eye... If technology is not gonna be 100% accurate why the hell people use it, it might end up changing the complexion of game.

Roddick started like a super star, his forehand winners were strong. Serve was way better than federer, playing for 4 hours' 16 mins and still having 70 percent first serve in is absolutely fabulous. And last game being the sole service break he had in the entire match can sum up his dominance in the game.

Federer has turned veteran now, and it’s his sheer experience which won him the match yesterday. Roddick was serving in the shade and when ball was coming out from the dark it was almost impossible for him to catch it... he lost it couple of times in the game. Well I surely am not giving reasons why Rod' lost yesterday, it’s just that he certainly deserved the Cup yesterday.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dream On!!!

It was long back when I realized that I am a mindless thinker... My thoughts were just backed by my words and no one used to ever get what exactly it shall translate to... Sometimes my thoughts were so obscure that I used to really pass a smile on myself. But now looking back am very happy and grateful to me that I have loads to achieve and work for.

I certainly feel that dreaming is an art... Long back I read a book "Creative Visualization", that was the first and last motivational book I read on a request of a close friend. Minus some shady thoughts I did like that book. It surely aggravated "dreaming" in me...

My thoughts were never restricted to professional or personal life... or some other life... I keep on thinking about all possibilities, long/short term, critical/petty, serious/funny... It will not be wrong to consider that I have pun a small layer of dreams around me...

I just wanna dream on...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Love is in AIR!!!

I can smell it... :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

So my craving gets a big feed!!!

None of my work has been smoother than this... Now at last i have my own car... Cant wait to get a good hold of the steering... man thats warm... coolest feeling... Am just living in this moment...

Monday, June 01, 2009

So... Am a bad listener?

At last I have been able to start thinking strongly in this direction... People did complain on occasions that I dun listen and tend to frame some notion in my mind which might be wrong and hence forth all my reactions/comments/observations are biased.

Am stubborn but not egoistic, am clumsy and rude at times but not insenstive and am emotional but not indiscernible... I guess and hope at the same time people who are/were close always get that, otherwise it’s a bad news.

Am definitely arrogant on occasions but those topics are few and I shall remain sticky on it. There are people who will literally laugh it off when they read the post’s topic... They cannot imagine me as bad listener... :) So there is a problem in perceiving it and my inability to understand the exact situation on occasions.

I am wondering why the heck I am writing all this... I shouldn’t be really explaining all this... Actually, I hate to listen these conclusive one angled statements/allegations... it bothers me for sure when my clumsy nature concludes on such stupid comments.

So take away for me in this situation shall be to stay calm on those challenging situations and understand the depth instead of commanding and giving "gyan". I hope that helps...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

After Life!!!

I always used to wonder some years back... how it would feel when i will get married and if change will happen what all it shall affect... I always had a doubt on my temper, my communication and my expectations... For long now i had been living with a shell around me, and there are absolutely few people i communicate my heart to... Making someone a part of it was the scariest thing i could have ever dreamt of...

I started off cautiously and its working out fine till now... There are lot of strings attached to this special relation... Friends and Work being the most critical... Although, I feel i am a responsible guy who can manage things, it's something i have to listen from people around me...

At work i am the same old person... pulling legs, aggressive in getting things done... and ya pretty much the same person... When it comes to friends... I guess people in the same geographies had to suffer... But they are very few actually... :D as i am a big miser when it comes to spend time outside work... But now i feel things have settled mostly...

I have to start playing... and yeah i have to go for a long drive... that had to wait for long... lemme see when i can make it happening...

Now i feel this is an "After Life" for me... and hope i can make it better...

Independent Vs Detached

Is it that confusing??? I dunno... but yeah now i feel there is a real thin line between the two... This question came in my mind 2-3 days back... and then i asked myself dozens of questions... Some of them are still un-answered, hopefully it gets some logical findings.

Being Independent according to me shall be the ability to carry your own self and things around you in a subtle responsible way in all the normal circumstances... And yes of course there are moments when you need a person who has the ability to hear it out if not help ya in a problem... Which is no wrong... Where as being Detached according to me shall be getting just involved in yourself, and trying to avoid sharing things consciously or sub-consciously.

Its simple to state may be... but am sure one who goes through things it can be a different perspective all together...


Its a long time now... yups thats how i feel... yes its ages now!!! I have seen it all... Yes am aware there is loads to watch and be a mute spectator of. I have grown and that too a lot... and with that my stupidity... my hopelessly optimistic behavior... Oh come on am not in a negative mood... Its just a mood am trying to shed over in this post... again being hopelessly optimistic... ya thats an irony... ;o)

Long back i wrote a post about "Life is recursive" and last night i slept thinking about the same. There are loads of incidents in ones life where in you just feel that no matter what happens i would never like to see myself standing in the same situation... You make promises to yourself, you pray to god... you accept things the way they are... you do tons of things... And after a healing time, you come back to senses and years after you look back and smile at your own inability to solve a situation.

I have seen and met a lot of people... I have seen some of them change with time and without time... These people take "caring" as "intruding", "concern" as "over-protection" and sometimes people need their "own space". In all the cases i blame myself for it... Cuz in each and every case i had lost it long back and i was just being foolish to revive it or hoping things to change... Its not that my optimism saw always failure, there were turnarounds too... and that too some great ones.

Continuing to curse myself more here, Am horribly clumsy... and i should be stopped to speak to people at times. Cuz my language fail to fall inline with my emotions/feelings... And to all my bad luck those things trigger the change in people... Well in my defense i used to feel that those people were mine and they understand me inside out... well... in end i find out it was not the case... perhaps i should work more hard on my expression...

Its tough to express why i am writing all this... Actually i am confused... Just trying to find an answer "Am/Was i that BAD?"

Friday, May 15, 2009

Why am so senstive towards my workplace?

My first professional footsteps were at a place where in i felt at home and i grew learning things everyday... and I dunno when i got so attached to this place... It has already been close to 5.5 years now... and i still feel it was yesterday when i humbly began my work here.

People have given their life to make this place reach here, and in the process have sacrificed a lot... I will count myself in that club tooh... And am proud of it... Now the whole thing has transformed in a peculiar way... and it’s really difficult to justify and explain it here... Ok Lemme try...

There have been occasions when I was bugged by variety of reasons, and have thought of moving on... but every time I feel it... i get into some sorta discussion and things are settled for a period... Leaving this place is a huge decision and when someone hints it I get really wild at times... I dunno if it’s right or wrong... but it happens...

My responsibilities are increasing day by day... and am thinking everyday to make things better for people around me... Yet to answer how...

Have I Changed???

Have I changed??? That's one thing which I keep on asking myself since I got married. I am not sure about the answers, although some of them complaint of me being busy… I feel it was always the case… ;)

There has been lot of things happening in last month and a half, primarily cuz of marriage. Now things are settling, and am kind of used to of "ready lunch", things seen in a different angle than mine and kind of appreciating it, Am not working at home for a change… Spending less time in watching FRIENDS and Cricket ok lil time in Cricket... :D

I know marriage is the biggest event of life and things change after that but I dun see a point where in individual change… I would love to listen it back someday that... "You're still the same…"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I accept that am repetitively irritating :D

Come on its not that i just realized it, i know this for a while. To beging with, I am crazily into F.R.I.E.N.D.S and cricket and if someone is not into it with that intensity then its quite irritating. Then i have a habit of repeating things, whether that be telling incidents, asking questions... and in my defence its all cuz of my excitement and eagerness to make sure the other person is aware about everything ;)

And yes I cannot ignore that every close friend I have in bangalore (who doesnt work in CareerNet/HiRePro)  hates my passion for my workplace. I really dunno the reason... but thats a fact.

Although I try to overcome some things, but its really tough to lessen my interest in F.R.I.E.N.D.S and cricket, lets see how long it stays.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Journey!

So am back in Bangalore after a long eventful visit.  Good part is everything happened smoothly and i never panicked. I had a memorable trip to Kashmir which deserves a new blog all together. Will start writing soon. 

Things are passing in such a pace that am not able to keep upto it. I am married already and living with my wife, thats a strange feeling. Am feeling still the same, only difference being i have a friend to give me company when am back home.

Home is more decorated and am not allowed to cook... I hate that for sure, but somehow managing. Itching to write and share more things. Will continue to do that like always :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Emotions at "Work Place".... NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Ok before I begin shall accept that am a very emotional person. Most of the times my day-to-day actions are dependent on my feelings... However when it comes to take long term decisions I have always used my mind... and am thankful to god that it has paid off till now...
I do know at workplace one should not be mixing emotions... but it’s tough sometimes... That’s me... I hate myself doing that but still it happens... I have to fight with myself big time... More I get involved with the place, more I take ownership of things... and in the process I adjust to certain things and ignore loads of things... Am respected for that for sure, but I dun want to limit my thinking just for that reason... Problem is I don’t think of my short term benefit, which to some extent is also important...
Now am really stuck... Have to think like crazy... dunno what will be the result... Time shall decide... but soon...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Latest Possession!

So at last after 2 weeks of analysis, and pushed to go overbudget courtesy Mr Shijo. Actually this guy is in a wrong profession. This guy is a genious photograpaher having instinct to capture anything and everything. You can see his work here.

I was going for Cannon SX-100, and kinda believed Cannon will be the best option, but having looked at the performance of Sony, i was kinda zapped. It did cost me a fortune, but yeah its fine... and kinda its a right time. :)

So looking forward to click... 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Revamped Portal!!!

Okay... So the portal is back with a new look... Try it on...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Inordinate Coordinates!!!

There is a very important issue which I never talked about. Almost everyone is hit by that and it’s "Global Economy Slowdown". It translates to different meaning for every individual. Am getting married in April, and to me it means a "Difficult Year" ahead for sure. I never used to spend lavishly, but yeah I do used to spend on my hobbies. I know that’s not too huge to even mention, but yeah I can cut that for sure. I always lived in nice places, and I used to spend more than what a normal bachelor shall do. I have strong likes and dislikes so I prefer living alone. Now I guess good news is House rents gonna go down. So hoping that I can normalize there.

Shape of Business is getting as dynamic as it can be. Shedding bad apples, stretching work timings, correcting remuneration, re-structuring teams, re-aligning and re-prioritizing projects and evaluating performances are helping to cut cost and improve productivity. This is the bad time for people who were having just "fun" for past 2.5 years. I regret to say that’s quite a number, at least in IT Industry. On a different note am happy, cuz there will be a big consolidation in outsourcing market and for sure larger hit will be IT. India has always been a consumer market for a long time now but now am hopeful there will be a lot of product startups which will arise in this very market.

Advantages for me are we have released a post alpha of the product and now working towards its beta release and everyone is more than motivated to give their best and make the product attain "corporate ready" shape. This is in adverse situation, and I am learning every minute. It’s real tough to manage a lot of things and communicate to people who have no idea what the ground realities are. But I feel am lucky to have enough support around me to cope these kinda situations. Just hope everything settles with time and "co-ordinates" are ordinated.

Monday, January 05, 2009

And we delivered...

Well by the time I was travelling, we resketched history by releasing 2 more products... Something which i am really proud of. One being Recruitment Management Suite and other one as a Niche Job Portal, having built in CRM capabilities.

Both the sites are in post alpha mode, and we are still bullish on adding things... So am sure coming months will be more exciting.

You can have a look of Reqster and AMS-Web. I am not publishing the UserName and password for sanity sake, can do it on request. Our website is also revamped.

Sunday, January 04, 2009


So last week of 2008, and I headed to the most difficult place at this time cuz  Its chilly, foggy, trains and flights getting late and lot of inconvenience. But I definitely had too many motivations to conquer all my scares. Journey was surely tiresome and boring of sorts. I had to do lot of running to get my cell charged. I reached late and entered into the state of Bihar… I never liked this place mostly cuz of people. Anyway wedding turned out to be nice and I met some of my cousins after a long time. Although I stayed silent for most of the time, I surely was secretly going through all the procedures.

I never told anyone about me meeting my gal in Delhi, cuz I wanted to avoid unnecessary questions. My “would be” in-laws also attended the wedding so I got one more good chance to interact and they were as sweet as I always perceived.

My biggest worry with marriage was the family compatibility and the gal gelling in with my family. Now all that is history, and Insha’Allah it will remain. I did inform my folks that I have got a ring for her and shall try to meet her.

My train reached 6 hours late and I was very much irritated. It was bright and sunny day… and the day became brighter in later part of the day. When the wind was caressing my body and trying to reach my bones… I was in different world. This was the first time this North“Wind” didn’t bother me…