Friday, November 21, 2008

Why so Restless???

After a grand change... now the feeling has transitioned to restlessness. It’s tough to explain in words how it feels. It's certainly not about the "C" word. I have accepted the fact very well... It was not that difficult thanks to my “would be”. We are settling now after long and meaningful/nonsense discussions... So the fact remains the same... Why restlessness???

I wake up in middle of night... as if I never slept... then will be totally blank... Will try and sleep again... This happens quite often now... and to some extent I get irritated. It’s very hectic in office, cuz of 2 releases round the corner. Thankfully things are shaping well, and team is responding in a phenomenal spirit. I guess this year will be the most happening for me... Have been pretty close to the team and worked hard with them and now I am seeing great results. So from that front am definitely at ease. So that cannot be the reason of my restlessness.

Market is going haywire, but I know what exactly I am doing and the kind of value am adding to the business... so that’s not the concern at all. All am thinking about is taking our products to the next level. There is nothing more I can ask for from the professional life... may be more money... ;) Ok on serious note... I am learning, taking more responsibility from delivery standpoint. Reaching more to the business, Reading more articles, doing more critical things from technical standpoint... So my professional life cannot be the reason again.

So for now, I have decided I won’t be thinking about things consciously. I feel it’s just a phase and shall subside... Hope that things settle down fast.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

God Google!!!

Its been a long time we heard about video chat innovating, at last its here... and am sure its tough to one up this... Its Google's Voice Chat!!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008


The way am feeling or going through can be summed up with only one word “change”. And I have concluded now that it’s for better for sure. Although too many things changing in positive direction worries me cuz I fail to experience the feeling of earning and thus it’s not that satisfying. 

My professional life is also going through a change for quite some time now.  It was tough to begin with but it’s getting settled with time. Industry is going down the hill; hope that it recovers after US election. Recruitment as a domain is also set for a big change. RPO is a buzz word for the next generation. I feel pity for Recruiters who are working for a big corporate as they will be the soft targets to start with. On some corners I do feel they were so complacent about their job that this day would have definitely come.

Personal life… I guess is heading towards for even a bigger change. Not long back I wanted to live alone, but now I am realizing its due for change. Have contravened all the negative thoughts and have lot of reasons to think positive now… :)

I am thinking a lot may be… planning, situations, interactions… hope everything settles soon.