Sunday, July 15, 2007

My Last Crush!

Date 13th October'04
Place Bangalore

It was a time when nothing except work was happening in my life. Days were passing like a F1 car that had a mission to complete every lap in record time. My sister was pursuing her PhD in Mumbai and I had heard a lot of TIFR, so thought of visiting her over a weekend. I planned to leave by early morning Volvo at 7:15. After coming home at 10 PM, I just slept after keeping an alarm at 5:30 AM.

Woke up on time, got my stuff and left to Bus Station, I was seeing sunrise after a long time which looked stunning as rays were dissolving in clouds... Weather was just awesome as Bangalore is known for. Nature is one thing that always makes me excited.

I was the first one to enter in bus. It was around 7 when every seat except my next one was empty. I was praying hard that it would be someone interesting. Till 7:10 there was nobody around, bus started to move and all my wishes remained one. To console myself, I thought now I have two seats to make myself more comfortable. I had put my walkman on and closed my eyes... when heard a sudden scream "Stop!!!" I looked out of window and saw my wish coming true... Pretty gal, running with her luggage towards our bus, was trying not to think about my wish. Still some part of my heart wanted to believe she might come and sit next to me. I was more hopeful when she entered the bus. Well she had one hand bag, and some more stuff. I had always wondered why every gal has a handbag although she has tons of luggage, it can be easily kept inside one suitcase. My thought was interrupted by a sweet voice, "Is this seat number 14". I smiled and nodded, and she reciprocated with a cute smile which brought amazing curves on her face. She was wearing white top and blue Lee jeans, Bus conductor distributed water bottle as the long journey began. By the time she adjusted her luggage I had an opportunity to guess her Shampoo and Perfume... I was pretty sure shampoo was Pantene but perfume was confusing, it was a very soft classical fragrance. My walkman was trying hard to attract my attention, still my heart was reluctant to hear. I took out the ear phone, till that time she was sitting comfortably with a Magazine.

I was looking out of window observing nature and gaining energy to initiate the talk. I casually asked her "Lot of luggage... han...” she affirmed and told that she is going home after a long time. It was then we started to mingle. She was doing her Grad from Christ Church, and she belonged to Mumbai, her father was in ONGC and mom a housewife. Well we were so much engrossed in the talk that didn’t see the time at all. It was almost lunch time, I had few biscuits and she had some cakes which we shared. I observe a lot and try to read people’ mind, and as she was so close I had already started my operation. Am into sun-signs as had drank "Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs"... She was a certain Virgo and after knowing that she was kind of surprised.

Well if I describe her in short she was a sweet talkative gal with pretty eyes and sharp features. Her aims were high, and was focused along with that she was pretty close to her family. And when she told me that she is F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan it brought another level to our conversation. We laughed at some stupidity of Joey and also were sad of Ross and Rachael not getting together. I was observing her long hairs which were now tied after they were dry. She was feeling cold so I gave her my jacket which she gracefully accepted. We had lunch and tea, she slept for some time. I was still thinking what was happening, I never got so close to someone I never knew few hours back. She got up cuz of bad roads and we started our conversation again, she asked “What’s my girl friends name?” I was like "What???" I asked her why she thought I might have one; she said "Every guy has..." I was not able to control my laughter and again asked "If I have none, Am I not a guy?" She was taken aback by that... she said "I didn’t mean that..., ok forget it". I explained her that I don’t believe in girl friend stuff. I am more into making friends. She was not satisfied with the answer but remained silent... I told her about some freaky incidents of my life which made her absolutely thrilled...

I so wanted to hold time but it was behaving in just opposite way, we had dinner and we slept... I was thinking while sleeping that I would surely take her contact number and would try to meet her in Mumbai... I don’t know when I slept but I was awake by long horn of bus which was not ready to stop, I thought we reached Mumbai, but instead found myself in bed and my Alarm ringing in anger. It was hard to believe that I was still in Bangalore and that girl was a dream... What dint change was the fact that I had a crush on her... I packed my bags and sat in auto to get the bus and was just thinking that "Will that dream become reality?"