Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I have a dream...

I have a dream to work in a company with people having similar mindset. I know am asking a lot for a place like India, where almost every company’s management just tries to find enough reasons to bill the client for extra work. I wonder how clients still come back to such companies; or rather they don’t have any other choice. Well Indian service based companies work mostly on reactive measures and never on pro-active measures. I keep hearing lot of stories from my friends that the client got crazy over something which will in turn affect in his/her growth in the company.

I know 85% of IT population in India work under services model, where in none of the companies bother about employee's competency and at the end of the day they just have to bill that resource. No matter that resource is for c++, java, .net, and mainframe or for that matter any other technology. Client would be shown the resource is extra efficient in desired technology and for every extra work (CR in technical term) client shall be billed extra. The only difference lies amongst such type of companies’ is in their training programs to at least make them aware of the technology.

I have been working for more than 3 years now. I have learnt a lot in this period, I was lucky enough to be at Careernet to get so much exposure towards the technology, people and the killer instinct. What lacked in Careernet I got from L&T and that was process. All this in conglomeration made a huge difference in me. I feel that am different from other people, not just in thinking but when it comes to see things in totality. I have a huge circle and I interact a lot. I hardly find people who are hard working and seeing things in unison. Everybody look at things in pieces, and every piece has different priority for every individual. A sorry stage comes when an individual believes that he/she is gaining from it which is not the case in actuality. Anyways I cannot be judgmental about the whole scene, let’s leave it to that individual what he/she wants to do.

What I know is am not a Manager, and in next 2 years I dun want to be. Well the problem here is if you are leading a team expectation is more to manage a team. Person like me who has throughout been an individual contributor still end up being the same no matter what the team size is... So the premise is leading a team in Service Industry is entirely different to Product Environ.

A product guy is totally different person all together; I have a senior with whom I interact a lot. He does explain things to me in a serene way; I do smile inside sometimes as he also reciprocates my thinking. Still there are lots of things I learnt from him and am still learning. I dun panic but I feel uneasy in an environ where most people are not seeing the bigger picture. I know things are not easy all the time... and it’s a testing time... We have constraints and mountain to climb... Am brave enough to face any situation alone... Have done in past and will do it once again... I don’t have a magic wand and I don’t need it... I want to learn how to live in worse situations... Let’s see what happens...