Saturday, December 22, 2007

My Contrasting life!

If I judge myself in personal and professional life, am the exact opposite. I cant say when it turned out to be this way. When it comes to my personal life, I have been very understanding, accommodating, loving, caring, soft spoken, patient, adjusting Etc. with controlled aggression but less expectations. This is somehow not the case when I step in my office.

My personal life has faced lot of hurdles still I have no complaints, it has come out neat. May be I m not too demanding I guess. In such a short time I have experienced a lot of things, met lot of people and came close to many of them. At this young age, I have seen a lot of life and am happy about all. Have committed a lot of mistakes but in my defense, none of them looked to be.

After so many things happening, I am a lot circumspect about getting close to anyone. My life gets very complicated at times but now the difference is I face everything with a big smile. I was never short of good company but they went away as they came. Have stopped thinking about my future personal life, cuz I dun have much expectation from the same. I am taking it as it comes.

Talking about my professional life, am one of the flag bearers of my Organizations fading culture I would say. I work with a Recruitment Organization’s Technology Team and am associated with Organization since Jan'2004, when the strength was 21-22. And back then technology had less business interest. It surely changed with time, and I am glad I was the part of this changing thought.

Kapil and Abhishek were surely the brain behind it, which Ashish is managing nicely now. What we have managed till now is to maintain the same culture and working habits. Each one here is very aggressive when it comes to the task assigned. Everyone of us have fun, We are loud, We crack sick jokes, we laugh at jokes made at each other, take the worst possible meaning of a given statement made by anyone. So in all it’s a fun environ. But when it comes to business each one of us sitting here is damn serious and if someone is not it’s always communicated.

I am mostly seen as very strict when it comes to work, as in I will tear person apart, ask innumerable questions, impatient, harsh, rude and yeah ruthless at times. I will not try to defend any of those, cuz I accept each one of them silently. But with time I have changed and have been smarter to handle things without panic until someone gets into my ass for no reason. I have become more understanding yet strict. What I have learned from Ashish is to keep realistic expectations from people. I know he is also learning, and is there to chill him out and listen to him when he is in a bad mood :).

My team is divided in 2 parts, one is Desktop Client Team. It’s a mixture of young blood and experienced guys. I always used to crib about people not taking responsibilities, and not giving 100 percent but for now I should not complain at all. We are on the verge giving the first release of our product and yeah long way to go still. Each one of us has worked our ass off to reach here. Other team is Web Client; I am real fan of each one of them. These guys are committed, energetic, enthusiastic, hardworking and with raw talent.

People who are close to me do complain that I do spend a lot of time in office and am a workaholic. I accept it, am too aggressive when it comes to work and that’s the contrast of my life. I am waiting for little brightness for sure.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Not so “Special” Day

18th December, supposed to be my birth date. If I can recollect clearly this was one day I used to be pretty excited about. I guess there is nothing new every kid waits for his/her birthday. With age it was more of a get together of old friends.

In year 2004, in the same week I came to know one of my very close family friends daughter Mona Di had brain stroke. Well I was pretty shocked to hear that cuz she was very strong gal although too many things were happening in her life. Still I thought she will be fine and it’s not that serious. On 17th early morning around 2 AM I was in office (those days I used to work very late) when her sis Gudiya called up, she started weeping and I was scared to death. All she said was “Bhai a jao…” I was like senseless for some time. Bhupesh, Ashish, Sumit and KG were there and suggested to take the morning bus to Hyd and hold myself. I went to Ashish’s place that night and went to station from there. Got the bus reached Hyderabad in evening. Went straight to the hospital, met everyone and came to know it was very serious. It was the toughest time of my life not just cuz I have to control my emotions but have to take care of everyone.
I saw her with every possible medical instruments attached to her and each one making a sound in synch, I slept outside her room and kept on listening that sound until I slept wishing she would get up and would come to me and say… “Wali tum kab aye…” but that never happened…
People started calling up around midnight, there was no fault of theirs to listen me in a sad mood and it was impossible for me to explain each one of them how the situation was… somehow I managed not to lose control of my emotions… I owe a lot to Prabhdeep as he was with me all that time.
Morning came and Aunty, Uncle and her sister everybody started wishing me and I was still not supposed to show anything in front of them… I just went to some place and cried my heart out just to let everything out rather than keeping it within me. By noon time it was mostly delaying the act. In eve, doc explained Uncle that she is not responding at all. By that time everybody had already accepted the fact. Evening 7:30 life support was taken out.
I simply broke when aunty said “I wish this wouldn’t have happened on this day…” I know she is there with me always no matter where she is. I have nothing against the day, but I don’t feel like enjoying on this day at all. It’s not a “Special” day for me at all…

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My Maiden Stage Appearance!!!

Friendship is something everybody cherishes at all ages. When it comes to me I have been really lucky in finding friends and for sure sustaining them except one friend. To begin with, her name was Rohita and we met 23 years back in kindergarten. We were inseparable in luncheon apart from studying together. I preferred her as my best friend when she started to tie my shoe laces and yeah that was very mean of me :)

There was one very special incident that happened on the annual day function of my school in 1985. I don’t know how the idea came in my parents mind, and they proposed my name for the fancy dress. It was finalized that I will be "Indian Groom" but my parents thought of something more innovative and arranged a bride for me. Most obvious choice was Rohita over any other gal of my class considering the bonding we had. That was the first and last time till now I dressed as a groom. It was more exciting as it was first time for both of us... :) I wore corduroy suit with a turban of my sister’s chunni which I am sure my parents had to deal intelligently, my dad completed the attire with his tie and I was done. But the main challenge was to dress up the gal. She was an Andhra'ite and hence didn’t had lehanga or a heavy wedding dress. Again my sister wardrobe was attacked and her new pink lehanga was smoothly taken which was again an impossible task made possible. And gal was ready after light bridal make up.

Everything was set for the show; I clearly remember I was too conscious of my turban cuz it took a long time to drape. So the time arrived and we assembled back stage. We were told that our name shall be announced and we have to do some act at that time. It was mutually decided that we shall exchange garlands on the stage. Cometh the time and we walked on stage with garland in hands, I was dismayed to see huge crowd in front of me and started to find my dad who promised me that he will be there in front of the stage with camera. Announcer started calling names of participants but he erred and didn’t give time for the act, and my dear friend stood waiting that I will start the procedure and she will follow it up. Sadly that never happened. She dint tell me anything but she complained her mom about her disappointment.

I lost touch with her after second grade as we moved to Lucknow from Kanpur but she surely left fond memories of that day. It was not just about my debut on stage, but cuz it was my closest encounter with marriage... :)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

My Last Crush!

Date 13th October'04
Place Bangalore

It was a time when nothing except work was happening in my life. Days were passing like a F1 car that had a mission to complete every lap in record time. My sister was pursuing her PhD in Mumbai and I had heard a lot of TIFR, so thought of visiting her over a weekend. I planned to leave by early morning Volvo at 7:15. After coming home at 10 PM, I just slept after keeping an alarm at 5:30 AM.

Woke up on time, got my stuff and left to Bus Station, I was seeing sunrise after a long time which looked stunning as rays were dissolving in clouds... Weather was just awesome as Bangalore is known for. Nature is one thing that always makes me excited.

I was the first one to enter in bus. It was around 7 when every seat except my next one was empty. I was praying hard that it would be someone interesting. Till 7:10 there was nobody around, bus started to move and all my wishes remained one. To console myself, I thought now I have two seats to make myself more comfortable. I had put my walkman on and closed my eyes... when heard a sudden scream "Stop!!!" I looked out of window and saw my wish coming true... Pretty gal, running with her luggage towards our bus, was trying not to think about my wish. Still some part of my heart wanted to believe she might come and sit next to me. I was more hopeful when she entered the bus. Well she had one hand bag, and some more stuff. I had always wondered why every gal has a handbag although she has tons of luggage, it can be easily kept inside one suitcase. My thought was interrupted by a sweet voice, "Is this seat number 14". I smiled and nodded, and she reciprocated with a cute smile which brought amazing curves on her face. She was wearing white top and blue Lee jeans, Bus conductor distributed water bottle as the long journey began. By the time she adjusted her luggage I had an opportunity to guess her Shampoo and Perfume... I was pretty sure shampoo was Pantene but perfume was confusing, it was a very soft classical fragrance. My walkman was trying hard to attract my attention, still my heart was reluctant to hear. I took out the ear phone, till that time she was sitting comfortably with a Magazine.

I was looking out of window observing nature and gaining energy to initiate the talk. I casually asked her "Lot of luggage... han...” she affirmed and told that she is going home after a long time. It was then we started to mingle. She was doing her Grad from Christ Church, and she belonged to Mumbai, her father was in ONGC and mom a housewife. Well we were so much engrossed in the talk that didn’t see the time at all. It was almost lunch time, I had few biscuits and she had some cakes which we shared. I observe a lot and try to read people’ mind, and as she was so close I had already started my operation. Am into sun-signs as had drank "Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs"... She was a certain Virgo and after knowing that she was kind of surprised.

Well if I describe her in short she was a sweet talkative gal with pretty eyes and sharp features. Her aims were high, and was focused along with that she was pretty close to her family. And when she told me that she is F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan it brought another level to our conversation. We laughed at some stupidity of Joey and also were sad of Ross and Rachael not getting together. I was observing her long hairs which were now tied after they were dry. She was feeling cold so I gave her my jacket which she gracefully accepted. We had lunch and tea, she slept for some time. I was still thinking what was happening, I never got so close to someone I never knew few hours back. She got up cuz of bad roads and we started our conversation again, she asked “What’s my girl friends name?” I was like "What???" I asked her why she thought I might have one; she said "Every guy has..." I was not able to control my laughter and again asked "If I have none, Am I not a guy?" She was taken aback by that... she said "I didn’t mean that..., ok forget it". I explained her that I don’t believe in girl friend stuff. I am more into making friends. She was not satisfied with the answer but remained silent... I told her about some freaky incidents of my life which made her absolutely thrilled...

I so wanted to hold time but it was behaving in just opposite way, we had dinner and we slept... I was thinking while sleeping that I would surely take her contact number and would try to meet her in Mumbai... I don’t know when I slept but I was awake by long horn of bus which was not ready to stop, I thought we reached Mumbai, but instead found myself in bed and my Alarm ringing in anger. It was hard to believe that I was still in Bangalore and that girl was a dream... What dint change was the fact that I had a crush on her... I packed my bags and sat in auto to get the bus and was just thinking that "Will that dream become reality?"

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I have a dream...

I have a dream to work in a company with people having similar mindset. I know am asking a lot for a place like India, where almost every company’s management just tries to find enough reasons to bill the client for extra work. I wonder how clients still come back to such companies; or rather they don’t have any other choice. Well Indian service based companies work mostly on reactive measures and never on pro-active measures. I keep hearing lot of stories from my friends that the client got crazy over something which will in turn affect in his/her growth in the company.

I know 85% of IT population in India work under services model, where in none of the companies bother about employee's competency and at the end of the day they just have to bill that resource. No matter that resource is for c++, java, .net, and mainframe or for that matter any other technology. Client would be shown the resource is extra efficient in desired technology and for every extra work (CR in technical term) client shall be billed extra. The only difference lies amongst such type of companies’ is in their training programs to at least make them aware of the technology.

I have been working for more than 3 years now. I have learnt a lot in this period, I was lucky enough to be at Careernet to get so much exposure towards the technology, people and the killer instinct. What lacked in Careernet I got from L&T and that was process. All this in conglomeration made a huge difference in me. I feel that am different from other people, not just in thinking but when it comes to see things in totality. I have a huge circle and I interact a lot. I hardly find people who are hard working and seeing things in unison. Everybody look at things in pieces, and every piece has different priority for every individual. A sorry stage comes when an individual believes that he/she is gaining from it which is not the case in actuality. Anyways I cannot be judgmental about the whole scene, let’s leave it to that individual what he/she wants to do.

What I know is am not a Manager, and in next 2 years I dun want to be. Well the problem here is if you are leading a team expectation is more to manage a team. Person like me who has throughout been an individual contributor still end up being the same no matter what the team size is... So the premise is leading a team in Service Industry is entirely different to Product Environ.

A product guy is totally different person all together; I have a senior with whom I interact a lot. He does explain things to me in a serene way; I do smile inside sometimes as he also reciprocates my thinking. Still there are lots of things I learnt from him and am still learning. I dun panic but I feel uneasy in an environ where most people are not seeing the bigger picture. I know things are not easy all the time... and it’s a testing time... We have constraints and mountain to climb... Am brave enough to face any situation alone... Have done in past and will do it once again... I don’t have a magic wand and I don’t need it... I want to learn how to live in worse situations... Let’s see what happens...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Extended Tour-de-Mysore Part II (Personal Life)

I was in a lorry on Bangalore highway, heading towards Mysore with all my household stuff. Leaving my favorite place and moving to a place where I know none. Was lil scared as I had lil idea of the local language. It was tiresome journey as lorry's speed was irritating me a lot. I did get a call from HR confirming my joining date whom I assured that am on my way. Reached guest house and met Amar, who happened to be the caretaker. He was an excellent cook. Soon my routine got healthy, was having proper meals after 2 years... With juice and all... ;) I gained few kilos straight away.

I hardly took any time to mingle with people in L&T (right kinda people obviously :D ) Well it was after a long time I realized that the people I interacted more were 90% GALS... And that happened when I used to get alien expressions from expressionless faces. For some people it was surprise/agony/topic at tea... It was speculations all around, although it was the first time I was working in a big company but those faces were not totally unfamiliar. I was smart enough to ignore it, and I hardly cared about it, but I would have given it back if somebody would have commented. But good for "some people" they never gave me a chance to tear them apart ;).

I found really tough to find a good house for me, and after shifting to 3 places found one which was good enough. After shifting I struggled for breakfast big time. Then came someone sweet enough to cook breakfast for me... It was Pooja... We used to have it together after reaching office. That’s the sweetest thing someone has ever done for me.

Gradually I started to talk to more people and it was the annual function skit which brought me close to few more. Now our gang was big, and we used to have lunch/Tea together. I did started playing badminton after office hours, which I enjoyed a lot . I also took part in Championships there, that was an experience for sure.

I knew had to leave one day, but that day arrived pretty soon and ended with a bad taste. People were really scared to talk to me cuz I had a big argument with the managers. Some people were behaving as if I had taken revenge for everyone... ;) After this episode I realized how necessary it is to cognize people about the whole situation. I don’t know if that was the smartest thing in the world to do, but yeah I did it. My close people panicked a lot, as they never saw me in that shade... ;) It was all fun though. Anyhow things came to an end, and I had to leave some of my closest people...

I am still in touch with almost all of them... It’s sometime really crazy to think, how life changes in split seconds...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Extended Tour-de-Mysore Part I (Professional Life)

I still can’t believe that I stayed in Mysore for 9.5 months and now more than 8 months have already passed working in Bangalore again. It’s really strange how time flies away in front of ya.

The biggest change in my life was the working hours, which was pretty bizarre when I used to work in Careernet. Now I had to wake up in 6:30 and then reach office at 8:30.

I was very impressed with my Manager though, he gave me lot of freedom and always welcomed new ideas. I had a very bad impression about service industry and their culture so was lil skeptical about what would I go through. But I really felt at home after talking to my Manager/Lead. My team had amazingly hard working people with sharp technical minds with good domain knowledge. It took time for them to accept me but then later on we had a good working relation. My place was shuffled a bit before I opted to sit next to my PL, I just adored that place. We used to have lot of fun in that cubicle.

My work started with series of conference calls and some presentations. It also included a visit to Bombay which was cool. I was new to ASP.Net so I got some buffer time to get accustomed to the Product and Domain. My project people were really helpful I shall say. I was appreciated a lot cuz of my interpersonal skills. It was soon I found out that was the pain area of L&T, Mysore. 2-3 months passed in no time. I made some genuine friends in gals, with whom my wavelength matched. Had to mention name of Pooja and Shwetha... who were my lifeline and of course Shabana my adorable gal...

I made design/strategy for collating data into our database from some other groups, which involved lot of politics. In lieu of that lot of time got killed, so I also contributed in other areas. And after some time, we made the whole infrastructure for the whole thing and were waiting for the green signal to proceed with further thing.

One fine morning, My PM called me up and asked if I was interested for an on-site. I clearely mentioned that, if the work is fine and includes some challenges am always ready for it. There were two opportunities for Japan and US. I did give a client interview for US project and it went good. My VISA process followed, for which I went to Chennai.

The visit was a memorable one for all the negative reasons; I have a detailed blog on that (Visa Issue). I was not allowed to give the Interview as my name was lil controversial (Wali "OMER" khan). I was disappointed and came back to Mysore. My mood was off more cuz I missed company outing to Mangalore. This was the time when Ashish (Careernet) started to convince me to get back for a new Project. Frankly speaking I was never serious about it until I met LN who was a man that made me believe how exactly technology can be used to solve business problems. I did have other issues which were solved quickly and my extended tour came to an end with mixed emotions.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Together Again!!! ;)

Well I always loved living alone, and enjoyed it throughout 2.5 yrs. Living with SUGGI (Alias Sudhir ;)) was the most difficult decision of my life... and for sure I loved his company... We mostly have similar taste... :D I won’t go into the details though. We lived together for about 5.5 months when I left to Mysore. I came back in July'06 and since then I was living alone... Did shift to Ravi's place for 2 months before shifting to new 2 bedroom place... This place is near to our new office, where we would be shifting around March first week.

So about this new place... Big hall connecting kitchen with two bedrooms attached... The major attraction is the bath tub which was later discovered out to be very uncomfy... ;) My fav place is the bedroom balcony at night...

And yeah weekend cooking is also an attraction... ;) In all fun place... with Suggi and Anil...

Work in Careernet

Last 8 months in Careernet had been thrilling, exciting, full of hard work, lot of masti, extra-ordinary learning, miles achieved, and miles yet to achieve...

We started development with a regular SOA and since then the architecture has evolved each day. It’s a great feeling to work on something which no one in world is working. This is the first time I felt the real edge of Domain Expertise. We started with Smart-Client, along with fitting Janus amazing controls. Used another work by MS, Service Proxy/Agent pattern... Level of abstractness went high with each Pattern added... and yeah obviously it’s a need for an extensible product and not a burden. WCF got launched and WWF came into picture, so yet another level of refactoring started... so currently we are adapting and consuming the new services. Work on web-client already began... just hope so everything gets bundled together soon. Waiting to see everything bundled together.

MS has done an amazing job, to make things easier for an end user development. Although there are lot of improvisations yet to be done, but this will be a big leap for Development in MS tech.