Friday, October 06, 2006

Kapil Gupta "Commitment Personified"

I joined Careernet in Jan'2004, being new to the professional world Careernet was a place where I felt at home along with growing as a person. Although there are quite a few people to name but Kapil Gupta stands on top of the list. I used to hear his name from other colleagues. In a period of 2.5 months I heard so much about him that I was too curious to see how he is really. Some of my colleagues were furious, some were ecstatic, some of them praised, some of them had high regards for him... so in all it was all confusing for me to understand how he was actually.

I was working lone in Technology at that time on the product which was at a stage where no one was there to take it further. People did help me to know the system and guided me further but I was not very satisfied with the things. Bhupesh was one more person who helped a lot in initial days.

In mid year Kapil shifted to Bangalore and I started to work with him closely... Things changed gradually... He had loads of ideas... I just used to listen him long and try to get what all his requirements were, some of them were too demanding, still we both used to sit for long hours and try to find a way. He taught me how to compete with yourself, how to raise the quality of your work.

Kapil is undoubtedly conglomeration of hard work, sincerity, committed, madness, enthusiasm, energy, ambition; killer instinct, confidence... list is endless... I won’t be wrong if I term him as "A Suitable Boy"

Gal I admire the most...

Well my series of blogs and not mention of this sweet soul is for sure not justified... I met Vanya through a networking site and we became real close friends... we had our share of ups and downs... but we are together and for life time am quite sure... She is someone who is my mirror image I would say... Person who matches my madness in all sense... reacts in the same way as I do... we both share same sort of reflexes as well...

She is a genius who thinks radical, has tremendous potential to excel in every domain. She works like mad sometimes and invariably makes me remember how I used to study in my post grad ;). She is very talented and at the same time very focused... Her hunger for knowledge places her into a very elite category, never misses any chance to prove that she is the best... but still so sedate and kind.

The most beautiful thing about Vanya is she always tries to amend in every aspect... I have seen her grow and improvising on myriad of situations... I have learnt loads from this gal... Am sure this chick is gonna go miles... :).