Friday, February 24, 2006

Choosing between Love and Folks...

It might be too rosy when you are in love, you might feel that there would be no hitch to have your love. Sometimes you tend to ignore the important facets of life. These might be different in every case... but the bottom line is "We have to please the society...” Society is a very generic and collective term and sometimes we are also part of it. Society is something that spreads hatred when we are doing well, they vanish when we are in trouble, and they hurt even more when we are sad.

For a young blood taking decisions to satisfy society or certain sections of crowd will sound crap and me being 26 will also say CRAP to it. But considering a fact that our folks live in the same society for more than 50 years are already absorbed in the system and in this phase of life they just want to live a simplified life. Their thoughts and apprehension cannot be disqualified but can be answered to a certain extent if they are open for a dialogue.

Question to the young generation is do they have so much confidence on themselves and their relation that they can convince their folks or go against their wishes, even though they are convinced with the kind of up bringing they have been given was the best one could get. Apart from this decision they have agreed to whatever they have been asked to do by their folks. But this decision will affect their whole life, and they at this age are liberated and eloquent enough and probably seen more world than their parents but still unaware of practicalities which they will face in their later life...

They don’t abide by religion and caste blindly they think scientifically and question it, which might sound atheism to older generation and they often don’t have any answers to those question. The only thing they have to offer is that they have done it this way and we have to do the same way. Which is not a convincing answer.

Question "who would be the ideal winner between the emotional attachment with folks and their Love... " Remains unanswered although people do get married against their folks and live happily.