Thursday, January 26, 2006

Is Religion a Paradox?

In today’s world, majority of people follow any Religion or Philosophy because of their birth. In other words it can be put up as they received by their ancestors rather than choosing after thinking scientifically and practically.

People do practice their religion or in other words they follow what Religious leaders tell. Today scenario is not many people know the core things of their religion still they abide by their Religion with utmost sincerity and tenacity and can sometimes even give their life for the same.

Every religion teaches Peace, Harmony, Love... None spreads violence, hatred, or disrespect towards other religion... Technically a Religion teaches several things like

What are the duties in life?
How to overcome the suffering?
How to be strong?
Who is the creator of life?
What are prayers, and its use?
Who is GOD, why is he important, even there is no physical evidence of his existence?

And many more...

Truth remains the same, which is widely accepted that there is a supreme creator of this world who has control of our deeds in this life and after our life. Still there is a huge differentiation between human being on their religion and their caste...

What’s more ridiculous is when there is bloodshed around whole world in the name of religion. This is where some more questions come into mind, like...

Is religion a myth?
Is religion a deception?
Is religion just an illusion?

And many more...

Religion came into existence to follow one common code of conduct, which gradually was changed by some selfish religious leaders. A time has come when we should negate all the efforts of those people and bring back serenity in our beautiful world.