Friday, October 06, 2006

Kapil Gupta "Commitment Personified"

I joined Careernet in Jan'2004, being new to the professional world Careernet was a place where I felt at home along with growing as a person. Although there are quite a few people to name but Kapil Gupta stands on top of the list. I used to hear his name from other colleagues. In a period of 2.5 months I heard so much about him that I was too curious to see how he is really. Some of my colleagues were furious, some were ecstatic, some of them praised, some of them had high regards for him... so in all it was all confusing for me to understand how he was actually.

I was working lone in Technology at that time on the product which was at a stage where no one was there to take it further. People did help me to know the system and guided me further but I was not very satisfied with the things. Bhupesh was one more person who helped a lot in initial days.

In mid year Kapil shifted to Bangalore and I started to work with him closely... Things changed gradually... He had loads of ideas... I just used to listen him long and try to get what all his requirements were, some of them were too demanding, still we both used to sit for long hours and try to find a way. He taught me how to compete with yourself, how to raise the quality of your work.

Kapil is undoubtedly conglomeration of hard work, sincerity, committed, madness, enthusiasm, energy, ambition; killer instinct, confidence... list is endless... I won’t be wrong if I term him as "A Suitable Boy"

Gal I admire the most...

Well my series of blogs and not mention of this sweet soul is for sure not justified... I met Vanya through a networking site and we became real close friends... we had our share of ups and downs... but we are together and for life time am quite sure... She is someone who is my mirror image I would say... Person who matches my madness in all sense... reacts in the same way as I do... we both share same sort of reflexes as well...

She is a genius who thinks radical, has tremendous potential to excel in every domain. She works like mad sometimes and invariably makes me remember how I used to study in my post grad ;). She is very talented and at the same time very focused... Her hunger for knowledge places her into a very elite category, never misses any chance to prove that she is the best... but still so sedate and kind.

The most beautiful thing about Vanya is she always tries to amend in every aspect... I have seen her grow and improvising on myriad of situations... I have learnt loads from this gal... Am sure this chick is gonna go miles... :).

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bizarre Love Story...

My world is mostly about friends, people who know me, understand me, love me unconditionally, trust me and some more necessary ingredients. I have been close to quite a few people, and known about myriad of love stories. I have read a lot about love, emotions, psychology of Girls/Guys towards love and some hidden facts/behaviors of Girls/Guys.

By being a listener to all the stories and personally being the spectator of few made me understand people more. I had a notion that people change with time, but that’s wrong people never change, their reaction to things change with time. Their beliefs never change their understanding depth/capacity changes.

I heard a real bizarre Love story and still nothing is conclusive in the story, I just wish and pray it end up well...

A friendly Guy has a strong feeling for a Gal for four years. He expresses his love quite a few times but then resultant was negative. Then one day his life changed lanes, and gal nodded for his love... They came too close but after a rosy phase, things started to change... loads of misunderstandings, fights, arguments... Well that happens in every relation and after some time things does settle down. But in this story, some discussions were really fundamental and which led to no conclusions and whenever those discussions were around things were absurd. Again I would say there are numerous of happy love stories which have weak nerves. So what’s so strange about this story, Well gal knows guy loves her and can’t live without her... Guy doesn’t really know about Gal other than he loves the gal. Gal knows she said yes to him after a long pause... And now she can’t refuse to the guy...

They might get married soon... So I am just keeping my fingers crossed for this relation. I do know that love is something arbitrary without logic making no sense at all... but this is really bizarre...

Monday, August 07, 2006

Big issue with L&T.

Dissatisfaction with L&T started by my Appraisal in March which was mere mockery of the same. In between I always had weekend visits to Careernet and was in sync with the proceedings there. One weekend, Ashish seriously threw me a question that why don’t i join them back. I was not too comfortable with it, but I did give it a thought.

My work in L&T was pretty smooth, but there were too many managerial hurdles and I was not too happy with the infra structure as well. This led to a long thought. Before this, I haven’t thought about any topic for that long. There were too many things in my mind, for which I had to get answers. I talked to many people and came to some sort of conclusion which I found logical. I resigned from L&T on June 4th. Although they tried a lot to convince me with their rotten ideas, they accepted my resignation and relieved me on the requested date. In last week of June I came to know that my payroll was blocked and I will be penalized for not giving the desired notice. This made me real mad; I had a talk with my Manager... who talked really garbled to me... I ringed my other PM in night who according to my past experiences was kind of methodical and fair. I apprised him about the situation and he after consulting my Delivery Head reacted in a way which made me believe that there is some misunderstanding and that was completely out of the table. Next morning I confirmed with HR and she was being hopelessly adamant with the procedure. I was completely out of tune by this time. I walked into my Delivery Heads room and asked about the whole scenario. He acted very strange and replied that it’s a company policy and he cannot do anything about it. I just asked one simple question to him that was it someone's duty to make me aware of that fact or not, and he replied in negative. This made me really mad still I kept my nerve. I told him that have consulted my lawyers and as I was not intimated about the thing I cant take the proceedings as it’s pretty illogical. After this he started screaming, telling me that Company won’t change according to me... I got really mad and raised my voice and asked him to keep the sanity of his chair. I left his room, and wrote a long mail addressing to Delivery Manager, my PM's, my PL and HR. I also bcc'd to all my friends. I started to leave from office, when My Delivery Manager stopped me and asked what was my plan and what will I do now after that mail... He was too puzzled as he never expected that kind of response from an employee. After a lot of discussion he gave me a proposal to stay in L&T for another 2 months to avoid any penalty... I was so pissed off that I just asked them to give me a certificate of the deducted amount. I did tell my Manager that just for 10K they played filthy gimmick... I completely thrashed, he would definitely remember me for a long time.
I wanted to write loads about the culture of a Big Multinational and myths involved some time back. Guess it deserves a new thread. So now am back to where I belong, feels like got the oxygen back :).

End of "Passport Drama"

My life has always been little complicated to begin with... I have to struggle at every step. To achieve a small feat, I have to pass through various hurdles. Saying this am not putting a question mark on my LUCK... because what ever has happened till now is all Pretty... and whenever there were negatives in my life... it all actually happened to be reference to POSITIVES... sounds tricky ;0) Not at all though…

March 24th was a sad day for all innocent progressive Muslim guys. During my scheduled US-VISA Interview, I was not allowed to take the interview and instead my passport was withheld for "Administrative Procedure" as my name had "OMER"... After a series of questionnaires finally in June end I received a mail from Consulate intimating that the procedure is over and I can send the documents to continue with the VISA process. But as I had already resigned from L&T, I got my Passport back in first week of July.

Indeed that was a happy day for me to at least be eligible for travels abroad. So this adds to one more interesting episode in my life.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Is India "Shining"?

This incident happened 2.5 months back in Mysore; I went to Devraj's Road on Sunday evening. I was taking a general stroll and trying to find some books to read. I observed a young kid around 8-9 years of age having a rugged bag on his shoulders and one pack of ear buds in his hands. He was crying while walking and murmuring something to himself. Well I can’t call that kid a beggar, as he never begged to me. I can’t stop myself and asked him what’s the matter... he began to cry loud, and started to tell me that his mother would thrash him tonight as he could not sell anything today... He was so scared of the possible treatment at home that he didn’t even realize that he can ask me to buy it... he was unstoppable, he kept on telling that some days back also he got severe punishment and her mom use hard cane... he showed his calf’s which had many impressions of the brutal act. I stood listening to him seriously... I asked him about his studies, and as anyone would guess that was just a dream. All this time I was expecting that he would come up with a proposal... but in vain his fear overtook his senses actually... So I asked how much will it cost for one pack, he said ten bucks... I got a pack, he was so happy... I was still walking with him, although he was little relaxed still he was silent... I threw one more question to him that how many packs he has to sell in a day... he answered minimum 5 of them... I gave him 50 Bucks... his eyes started to shine... he took out 4 more packs from his bag and wanted to give it to me... I said you can sell that tomorrow... His happiness was at peak...

This whole incident was too bizarre... Although am too particular in not shedding a single penny to beggars but there are situations when I can’t help it at all... Recent news of doctors methodically making a person impaired for begging made me real sad... We talk about “India Shining”, I can’t see the shine at all... it’s all gloomy... Saddest part is we all talk about the Tree, but we forget about roots that are still weak...

Long time no Posts...

I have been so busy lately that I hardly got time to write... I miss days when I used to write endlessly. Many things happened for the past 2 months. I got my Passport back, then there was a big issue with L&T, Lovely visit to Bombay and then finally am back in Bangalore. I won’t waste this post in writing summary of all the things instead would write individual posts. So watch out people...

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Errr from Google

Well i have been into blogs for sometime, and into RSS feeds as well. I have a gmail personalized home and i added a feed of my blog there, I found out something recently which was awful. I published one of the articles twice by mistake, although i deleted it from blog, its still reflecting in XML feed as a result there are two entries of the same Article when i view it in my website.
Seems like Google has a work in their hands.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Is choosing a "Startup Company" and "Billion Dollar Company" too tough...

I worked in Careernet Consulting for 1.5 Years, which was a great experience. Have learnt a lot from that place, whether that be transformation of thoughts, being mentally tough, getting technical exposure and many more edging facets of life. Meeting guys like Kapil, Abhishek and Ashish who were constantly challenging the limits I have and making sure I scale up my boundaries. But I knew that was not the place for an IT Developer as it lacked IT environment, Software Processes, Technical resources, and many more things.

Finally after lot of thoughts I left Careernet and joined L&T Infotech. Although I knew they are not good paymasters but if I stay in Mysore I could end up saving a lot in comparison to Bangalore. I was pretty lucky in terms to get peers and Managers. Ram was one person in Company whom I can really count on. He always gave me freedom to work and was always in the process to make me a strong technical prospect for company. Gayathri although being sedate was a true understanding guide for me. But the things that were bugging me were the poor technical planning which was due to absence of technically sound leaders and managers. I didn’t expect much challenge on work front, as that’s the story of Service Industry. But I was lucky to be a part of Product, I did grasp many things, although Quality part was hindrance rather than being a reason to improve in processes and technical approaches. I did had a big episode with my Passport, which I believe was not the fault of L&T but the follow up could have been better.

I continued to be a part of Careernet all this time and they started to miss my presence, its true I was also missing the culture and people. I was more so emotionally attached with that place. I have seen that place growing up in front of my eyes, and I was very happy to be a part of it.

Now that when their own Product is taking a grand leap, they want me back. I have had a look of architecture that is just amazing and I know technically there is no second thought of it being the best in market. People involved at the cream level are best in Industry. Compensation part would be best in Industry. But still there is something why am holding myself back to enter into it. It’s a mixture of many things one of the very serious thing being "how long commitment am ready to give to that place?"

Am planning to marry at the end of next year and I know I have to be at a specific feat. So am in a phase of churning my mind and getting the answer outta it :0).

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pain of Documention in Code Base

Lately I have been reading lot of Articles and Posts over certain topics. One of them being how can we automate the process of adding a comment in code base. Which i believe is necessary in any Company for maintenance purpose. Was surprised not to get many Queries in forums and Articles. As a matter of fact adding comment or a little documentation will never be appreciated by any core developer. But for quality norms some kind of documentation is really justified for Impact Analysis and it really helps at the time of Knowledge Sharing sessions. I do agree every Developer thinks that he is a CHAMP in remembering every piece of code added by him but that deviates from the reality.

I am right now working on VB.Net and and still searching for the best utility in market.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Is America still frightened of Muslim Names?

I have heard a lot of experiences of Muslims or Indians having beard being questioned in America as if they are one amongst terrorist. But things are different when you have a first hand experience. A similar incident happened with me in US Embassy in Chennai.

Am working in L&T Infotech for more than 6 months now and got an Onsite opportunity. I had a client interview and got selected. I went Chennai to have a Business Visa. Earlier met my travel coordinator and although they scared me a lot like I will be watched by people and have to answer confidently, still I got an impression that their approach was very casual. According to them it was a cakewalk.

I reached Chennai on 23rd night. Chennai has never been a happy hunting ground for me, but still I hoped that things would fall in place this time. My colleague's Interview was at 10 AM, so I dropped him and then I went to Internet cafe. Came to Embassy at 11:15, I had pre-screening in which I came to know that many fields were blank in the form and were supposed to be filled, also found out that there is a column where I have to write my name in native language. I asked the lady who was posing herself as a lady cop only the cap was missing... ;0) She asked me to write in URDU. So I completed the form and got my doc's checked. I joined the line, which was quite long and was hardly moving. In between I could hear people calling IBM employees to rush to counter 4, I was wandering why the special treatment was giving to them, but couldn’t get the answer.

Finally I entered the VISA office after standing for 3 hours. I do came to know that Indian people act dumb sometimes. I was just hearing questions sitting in queue like "How many children you have?”, "How many people came to your marriage?" and some more. I was just thinking of what all questions I will have to answer, at this time I already knew that my Colleague dint get the VISA cuz officer was not convinced with his answers.

My turn came to take the fingerprints at counter no 13; the lady was just looking at the confidence level of the person. She dint enquire about anything, just asked me to pay the fees and continue with the proceedings. I went to counter no. 1 to pay the fees which was about 50m away. Suddenly I heard my name getting announced by that lady. I went back and politely enquired about the matter, she told there are some extra administrative proceedings to be done and they took my Passport and I was not allowed to take the Intervview. This happened so quickly that I was not getting why that happened. While coming back to Hotel, I was thinking of all kind of possibilities and suddenly it strike to me that my name has "OMER" which is a lil controversial.

I was really disappointed cuz I could do nothing for that. I told my friends and everyone got upset over the issue. My mom got freaked out, saying "Beta Passport wapas denge na..." Well that’s typical Indian Mom... but anyone would get worried. My Project Manager got real upset after hearing that cuz he dint expect that coming. He asked me to meet a lady in Chennai Office and intimate her what all had happened. I met that lady and she did tell that there had been one off cases lately and nothing to worry about, they will send a questionnaire and have to send it back.

After this incident I had thought a lot, why innocent Muslims had to face these embarrassing situations. The person with whom they are so terrorized is succeeding by all these stupid acts. Americans are so insecure and terrified by one person that they fail to understand a simple fact that a person wont use his actual name while doing any illegal activity. But still it’s outside the scope of our Company or our Country to question that. It’s very unfortunate for poor hard working innocent Muslim guys who have nothing to do with all this but have to be at the receiving end. I hope a day will come when a person wont get judged by some stupid guy from a community spreading terror and doing nothing but just harming the credentials of a community.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Choosing between Love and Folks...

It might be too rosy when you are in love, you might feel that there would be no hitch to have your love. Sometimes you tend to ignore the important facets of life. These might be different in every case... but the bottom line is "We have to please the society...” Society is a very generic and collective term and sometimes we are also part of it. Society is something that spreads hatred when we are doing well, they vanish when we are in trouble, and they hurt even more when we are sad.

For a young blood taking decisions to satisfy society or certain sections of crowd will sound crap and me being 26 will also say CRAP to it. But considering a fact that our folks live in the same society for more than 50 years are already absorbed in the system and in this phase of life they just want to live a simplified life. Their thoughts and apprehension cannot be disqualified but can be answered to a certain extent if they are open for a dialogue.

Question to the young generation is do they have so much confidence on themselves and their relation that they can convince their folks or go against their wishes, even though they are convinced with the kind of up bringing they have been given was the best one could get. Apart from this decision they have agreed to whatever they have been asked to do by their folks. But this decision will affect their whole life, and they at this age are liberated and eloquent enough and probably seen more world than their parents but still unaware of practicalities which they will face in their later life...

They don’t abide by religion and caste blindly they think scientifically and question it, which might sound atheism to older generation and they often don’t have any answers to those question. The only thing they have to offer is that they have done it this way and we have to do the same way. Which is not a convincing answer.

Question "who would be the ideal winner between the emotional attachment with folks and their Love... " Remains unanswered although people do get married against their folks and live happily.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Is Religion a Paradox?

In today’s world, majority of people follow any Religion or Philosophy because of their birth. In other words it can be put up as they received by their ancestors rather than choosing after thinking scientifically and practically.

People do practice their religion or in other words they follow what Religious leaders tell. Today scenario is not many people know the core things of their religion still they abide by their Religion with utmost sincerity and tenacity and can sometimes even give their life for the same.

Every religion teaches Peace, Harmony, Love... None spreads violence, hatred, or disrespect towards other religion... Technically a Religion teaches several things like

What are the duties in life?
How to overcome the suffering?
How to be strong?
Who is the creator of life?
What are prayers, and its use?
Who is GOD, why is he important, even there is no physical evidence of his existence?

And many more...

Truth remains the same, which is widely accepted that there is a supreme creator of this world who has control of our deeds in this life and after our life. Still there is a huge differentiation between human being on their religion and their caste...

What’s more ridiculous is when there is bloodshed around whole world in the name of religion. This is where some more questions come into mind, like...

Is religion a myth?
Is religion a deception?
Is religion just an illusion?

And many more...

Religion came into existence to follow one common code of conduct, which gradually was changed by some selfish religious leaders. A time has come when we should negate all the efforts of those people and bring back serenity in our beautiful world.