Thursday, July 07, 2005


I am a straightforward, simple and hard working person, in short a Saggi Guy. Thoughts, Perception and analysing capabilities changes with time but the nature and roots never change. Well i became aggressive and hard working with time. Sometimes i feel i am a very easy guy who can adapt to any situations and sometimes otherwise. Sometimes I hate a person for strange reasons like "His/Her voice is annoying" or "Person laugh is irritating"... i accept these reasons may sound weird but yeah it happens with most people. When you meet a person you tend to get vibes and that might be positive or negative, this is something which sets the tone for future relation with a person.

I am a friendly cheerful guy, having loads of friends, although i am in constantly touch with only few. I am a very committed guy whether that be work or any relation. I work on priorities, and i always expect people to understand that and close people not only understand they respect it a lot as well. I need not to say thats why they are close. I can forgive a person once or twice but not always... there is a saturation point and after that i am short of feeling for that person. I hardly get physical... umm i cant remember really... ;-) good news for people who annoy me.

My Family means a lot to me, they were always there when i needed them. I would owe everything that i have done in my life to them.