Sunday, June 26, 2005

Life in Bangalore

Since the day i have come to Bangalore many things happened some were fun some were not but i enjoyed every moment of my stay over here... Climate is one of the best one could ever dream of... although its a pathetic place when it rains like hell. I made many friends here and some of them made my life so easy that i never came to know that i dont have my family and childhood friends with me. One of them is a very close friend and i know her for almost a year now, she will be posted in TCS, Bombay.

I did have a taste to chat in earlier days... although i dont do it now... i do try and be in touch with most of my friends... Kathy has been one of my oldest friend and she will be there forever i know that :)... there are some my old friends Abhishek, Vikram, Aastha, Prabhdeep, Kshitija... well the list is a lot... i know most of them are mad at me cuz i m busy all the time ;-)... but damn i cant help it... i am busy all the time...

My Past LIfe!

My young days were in Lucknow which i miss a lot now in Bangalore although i dont miss the climate as its heaven here :D. I did my Graduation from Lucknow University which was an experience for sure, had 3-4 friends but i guess Abhinav was the only one in which i could find a person with GRAVITY. He is hard working, with a strange sense of humour and unmatched in absent mindedness... Well some close people around me called him "Sleeping Beauty"... nevertheless he is a fine guy... at least one can talk with him and can get involve in a productive conversation.

I finished my Graduation and "A" Level from UPTEC, then i joined MCA in BBDNITM, which was an experience of life time. I learnt many things, met different kind of people. 

I came to Bangalore in Jan 2004, joined CareerNet and life was fine. Have seen things changing here in leaps and bounds, people like Abhishek, Kapil, Ashish along with Rishi and Anshu have been the idol for me to work hard and more hard to achieve goals.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

About Me!

I am 25 year old guy having pretty normal characteristics in all respects :P. HUMOUR is a major part of my life. Sports is something I follow although the extreme things I did in my early days are on a break, like bunking school for cricket matches, waking up in the middle of the night to watch crucial India Australia matches or that can be playing cricket for hours in ground. Umm my folks would be better to get in with few more instances... :)

I have serious liking for all outdoor games Lawn Tennis, Cricket, Basket Ball, Soccer etc. I used to write reports of every match, follow the players stats after every games.

You can call me a MUSIC freak as well... i hear both kinda music ROCK and romantic depending on my MOOD. I am not a moody person though... but cant stand certain things in a person first being bad voice, its just a negative vibe nothing more in that.

I am often being termed as a cleanliness freak, although i try to tame it but yeah thats me and just cuz of my mom...

Saturday, June 18, 2005

18th June, First Blog

I have been thinking for quite some time to share my views and write things about me... and let the world know about me... well by world i meant MY FRIENDS :P... cuz they mean WORLD to me. I am in office right now... working Saturdays sucks... but yeah work is food for me... damn am i influenced by Mr. William Shakespeare. Anyway will get back to work now... get back with more stuff...