Thursday, October 06, 2005


Interestingly enough word "LOVE" comes in everyone’s life... and everyone feel this emotion... but everyone has different notions about it... some feel it hurts, some are restless, some are happy, some are sad, some are satisfied, some are not, others are ecstatic... so its a long list of feelings... Still no body has come up with a concrete definition of LOVE...

Love is a common emotion, which is for other person... this feeling changes in intensity and certain other characteristics are added and removed for flavor... There are many other emotions, which are wrongly taken as love... like Obsession, Lust, Sympathy, Attraction etc.In a very short span of time I have known many people and experienced different ways of expressing their emotions. The expression may be different but the meaning always remains the same... I have received enormous amount of LOVE from my family, my friends and my colleagues.

Well love is a constant emotion when it is for family or for a friend, but when it comes for a someone SPECIAL everything changes... the meaning, the intensity, the care, the warmth, the need, expectations, possessiveness... etc. What I have known from my past life and my close one's experiences I feel LOVE is mostly mistaken... and that’s where the experience of love changes with every individual... just because of mere wrong interpretation of a feeling or not reacting to the situations in a practical way leads to a broken relation...

LOVE starts with an attraction it might be physical, might be because of interesting character, or because of name & fame... depend on individual’s preference. This phase doesn’t stay for a long time; because in this phase the eagerness to know about a person grows. After a person knows the other one and he/she accepts as his/her friend a long journey starts. This is friendship phase, a long phase... where you get to know more about a person, his/her nature, family, likes/dislikes, reactions towards things and many more things... although this only depends on how much time both of them spend with each other. The more they stay with each other, early they will get to know bout each other. If both person are coming into a conclusion that the other person will be good for him/her... they start thinking beyond friendship... and this is where the transition takes place... with this phase many problems arrive which most of the time cause fights and arguments... if dealt practically a very enjoyable phase... having fight and then making up... is all together a different experience... In this phase all that a other person demands for is attention and if he/she is not feeling that whatever he/she is getting is not what he/she demands for... dissatisfaction comes... but things stabilize fast if dealt with practicality... There are various issues which comes up in this phase like... not getting optimum time/attention for other person, losing interest of one person, not sharing things with each other, some other person coming in between them more than ten times a day... ( ;-) ), clash of ideas, difference of opinion, many more. After a stabilize phase i guess both the person start knowing each other really well... and can respond to each others demands... and if every problem they have faced in past is solved sensibly and with mutual co-operation, a bigger journey MARRIAGE will always be fruitful.

Monday, September 26, 2005

My Thoughts and ideas... 'CRYSTAL'

Well to begin with I was a very slow starter, ignorant, having very poor concentration, not at all hard working. In my younger days I was so much compared to my sister who was exact opposite of me... very smart, hard working and clever too... I was not dull but never really took studies seriously. My teachers used to compare me with my sister a lot. My sister was called very often to my class and was complained of things. Looking back I wasn’t that bad at that stage may be average, but my sister is a genius. She worked hard and cleverly planned things and I was nowhere near her. I was ignorant at that stage. What I feel now is I was never motivated enough to perform, saying this I am not taking away anything from my teachers or my folks... they were all great, I guess was a real BRAT at that time... ;-)

But things considerably changed when I was in my High School... I wanted to do good... but guess it was little late for an immediate result... I did started to change from that point of time, but still the early damage was already done. I joined BSc and "A" level (DOEACC) and really worked hard at that time... joined MCA... gave my life to it... came to Bangalore... things were not going well on personal front but still never got myself affected by that... That particular period of time made me a real strong individual... now i know what I have to do, what not to do, i try and not get affected by the environment around me... Being more and more adaptable to various conditions/situations.

In all this time, all I have learnt at every step of life... Life makes you learn all the time and if you are clever enough to get all those signals then you are the winner otherwise you are losing at that moment...

There is a key if someone is not able to achieve a goal that never means his/her path towards the goal is wrong... may be its not the perfect path... so intelligent people learn from each path they are cruising towards their goal... and when they are choosing path next, time taken is less and more concrete...

In end hats off to Kapil Gupta my ideal person making me understand that "Every way which is not leading towards BOTTOM LINE is a wrong way..." He and Abhishek Goyal made me a real strong guy made me aware where I lack and where I am strong... I am still striving hard to improve on all fronts...

A big positive change have seen in myself is what i want to do and how to do is pretty much clear to me... and I am always working towards that. So my ideas and thoughts are like CRYSTAL now...

Friday, September 23, 2005

"LIFE" is Recursive

I have been studying and thinking for quite a while now that patterns of Life is self repeating and that too in high volumes... and sometimes seems like getting complicated in each loop but at the end equation is solved with a positive/negative result...

Life is changing, changing for better but one has to accept that its going in a better way a positive way... it all depends on perspective... a person can see the world as he wants to be seen just by changing the view, reference point or the perspective... Once in life person will feel an "incident" happened was the worst thing happened in his/her life... after some time he/she comes to know that it was the best thing that could ever happen in his/her life... just by accepting things and taking things in a positive stride...

Losing something is never a pain... its a phase when something/someone is going far from a person and he/she has no control over it which affects a person... then its trouble... something/someone being in life and not in life is a bit pattern ( in 0's and 1's) either its there or its not there... but when 0 -> (tends to) 1 (HAPPINESS) as you are adding something to your life... and vice versa... everything subsides with time... its here the change, transition takes place... which is a critical phase... All depends how the transition affects a system... System is a machine (Human Body) an intelligent system... which can react, has emotions, sending and recieving millions of signals in one second...

Moral of the story change your life by having a positive perspective and make the recursive loop as positive as you can... and the result will be exponentially positive.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Relationships with People...

I am a jovial person by nature, but very serious in certain matters. Whatever i feel today or have certain perspective in life is just because of my parents who gave me such rich values and principles to cherish life long.

I am usually friendly with people, but i have a problem... if once i feel person is taking me forgranted... i just stop feeling anything for that person... its like i dont know that person after that... i wont call that person... wont mail... i will just leave that person forever... some people do get annoyed for that... but thats their LUCK!!! [:D]

Relationships with guys are cool... The crazy group we had in CMS, Randhir, Mohit, Prabhdeep, Ankit... life just ROCKED!!! After coming to Bangalore... People like Sumit, Kapil, Ashish, Sudhir... made life so easy for me. We always have a blast in Office, i am quite sure the aura and energy we share here cannot be find elsewhere...

What i feel is thinking or meaning of life changes as the whole perspective of life changes with time. My ideology is strengthened having met more people and tackled more situations alone.

It has been my pleasure to have known some Gals too. According to my past experiences two GALS cannot be very good friends... with good friends i would say like that they share each and everything and still nothing gets messed up... there will be very rare possibility that one can find that...

There are certain characteristics that can be found in each GAL... Its very tough to explain a THING to a GAL, most of the times it will be taken in exact opposite THING to what you mean... (Hahaha... well i mean no offence to anyone... but that happens...) Sometimes mood of a GAL depends a lot on what she interprets out of YOU... There is a mood when you try hard to explain things but everything you say goes against you... I guess its enough about them... If someone would happen to read this... i will be in trouble.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


I am a straightforward, simple and hard working person, in short a Saggi Guy. Thoughts, Perception and analysing capabilities changes with time but the nature and roots never change. Well i became aggressive and hard working with time. Sometimes i feel i am a very easy guy who can adapt to any situations and sometimes otherwise. Sometimes I hate a person for strange reasons like "His/Her voice is annoying" or "Person laugh is irritating"... i accept these reasons may sound weird but yeah it happens with most people. When you meet a person you tend to get vibes and that might be positive or negative, this is something which sets the tone for future relation with a person.

I am a friendly cheerful guy, having loads of friends, although i am in constantly touch with only few. I am a very committed guy whether that be work or any relation. I work on priorities, and i always expect people to understand that and close people not only understand they respect it a lot as well. I need not to say thats why they are close. I can forgive a person once or twice but not always... there is a saturation point and after that i am short of feeling for that person. I hardly get physical... umm i cant remember really... ;-) good news for people who annoy me.

My Family means a lot to me, they were always there when i needed them. I would owe everything that i have done in my life to them.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Life in Bangalore

Since the day i have come to Bangalore many things happened some were fun some were not but i enjoyed every moment of my stay over here... Climate is one of the best one could ever dream of... although its a pathetic place when it rains like hell. I made many friends here and some of them made my life so easy that i never came to know that i dont have my family and childhood friends with me. One of them is a very close friend and i know her for almost a year now, she will be posted in TCS, Bombay.

I did have a taste to chat in earlier days... although i dont do it now... i do try and be in touch with most of my friends... Kathy has been one of my oldest friend and she will be there forever i know that :)... there are some my old friends Abhishek, Vikram, Aastha, Prabhdeep, Kshitija... well the list is a lot... i know most of them are mad at me cuz i m busy all the time ;-)... but damn i cant help it... i am busy all the time...

My Past LIfe!

My young days were in Lucknow which i miss a lot now in Bangalore although i dont miss the climate as its heaven here :D. I did my Graduation from Lucknow University which was an experience for sure, had 3-4 friends but i guess Abhinav was the only one in which i could find a person with GRAVITY. He is hard working, with a strange sense of humour and unmatched in absent mindedness... Well some close people around me called him "Sleeping Beauty"... nevertheless he is a fine guy... at least one can talk with him and can get involve in a productive conversation.

I finished my Graduation and "A" Level from UPTEC, then i joined MCA in BBDNITM, which was an experience of life time. I learnt many things, met different kind of people. 

I came to Bangalore in Jan 2004, joined CareerNet and life was fine. Have seen things changing here in leaps and bounds, people like Abhishek, Kapil, Ashish along with Rishi and Anshu have been the idol for me to work hard and more hard to achieve goals.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

About Me!

I am 25 year old guy having pretty normal characteristics in all respects :P. HUMOUR is a major part of my life. Sports is something I follow although the extreme things I did in my early days are on a break, like bunking school for cricket matches, waking up in the middle of the night to watch crucial India Australia matches or that can be playing cricket for hours in ground. Umm my folks would be better to get in with few more instances... :)

I have serious liking for all outdoor games Lawn Tennis, Cricket, Basket Ball, Soccer etc. I used to write reports of every match, follow the players stats after every games.

You can call me a MUSIC freak as well... i hear both kinda music ROCK and romantic depending on my MOOD. I am not a moody person though... but cant stand certain things in a person first being bad voice, its just a negative vibe nothing more in that.

I am often being termed as a cleanliness freak, although i try to tame it but yeah thats me and just cuz of my mom...

Saturday, June 18, 2005

18th June, First Blog

I have been thinking for quite some time to share my views and write things about me... and let the world know about me... well by world i meant MY FRIENDS :P... cuz they mean WORLD to me. I am in office right now... working Saturdays sucks... but yeah work is food for me... damn am i influenced by Mr. William Shakespeare. Anyway will get back to work now... get back with more stuff...