Thursday, December 18, 2008

18th December!!!

This day certainly holds importance in my life... Being the birth date me as a kid used to wait for clock to struck midnight and then very innocently used to ask my dad how much my legs have grown. And my dad used to nod in affirmation giving me a happy feeling of growing big. My innocence was a source of fun to my lovely sister in more than one ways... And this blog can’t cover her mischiefs.

I grew up, but the charm still remained, mostly to meet my friends. Until a tragedy happened on the same day, which is still a painful pill to swallow. This year someone special entered in my life. The exciting part is when she was paving her way in my life I was totally unaware that she is cementing her place in my life... We gradually exchanged precious moments of our lives and in the process came closer.

Yesterday eve received a big package... and also got hold of list of items in there and I was completely awed by the act. It was bit embarrassing to take that to my cubicle cuz I knew there will be a leg pulling session... and indeed it was... I reached home... talked to her in length... Around midnight I started to unwrap the baggage with utmost care... and it took 1 and a half hour to see it all... I had never felt so loved in my life ever... Each part of the packing, every small letter written, and every item present gave me goose bumps.

This day holds a different meaning in my life... Thanks to my beloved...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hopefully Last Id Alone!!!

I am so engrossed in my day today activities that I dun have a conscious feeling of loneliness. But things get exaggerated when I am sick or there is a festival. This time again Bakrid is gone... and I still feel it was just another regular day. Am sure this will end with time.

And am waiting for those times…