Thursday, December 18, 2008

18th December!!!

This day certainly holds importance in my life... Being the birth date me as a kid used to wait for clock to struck midnight and then very innocently used to ask my dad how much my legs have grown. And my dad used to nod in affirmation giving me a happy feeling of growing big. My innocence was a source of fun to my lovely sister in more than one ways... And this blog can’t cover her mischiefs.

I grew up, but the charm still remained, mostly to meet my friends. Until a tragedy happened on the same day, which is still a painful pill to swallow. This year someone special entered in my life. The exciting part is when she was paving her way in my life I was totally unaware that she is cementing her place in my life... We gradually exchanged precious moments of our lives and in the process came closer.

Yesterday eve received a big package... and also got hold of list of items in there and I was completely awed by the act. It was bit embarrassing to take that to my cubicle cuz I knew there will be a leg pulling session... and indeed it was... I reached home... talked to her in length... Around midnight I started to unwrap the baggage with utmost care... and it took 1 and a half hour to see it all... I had never felt so loved in my life ever... Each part of the packing, every small letter written, and every item present gave me goose bumps.

This day holds a different meaning in my life... Thanks to my beloved...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hopefully Last Id Alone!!!

I am so engrossed in my day today activities that I dun have a conscious feeling of loneliness. But things get exaggerated when I am sick or there is a festival. This time again Bakrid is gone... and I still feel it was just another regular day. Am sure this will end with time.

And am waiting for those times…

Friday, November 21, 2008

Why so Restless???

After a grand change... now the feeling has transitioned to restlessness. It’s tough to explain in words how it feels. It's certainly not about the "C" word. I have accepted the fact very well... It was not that difficult thanks to my “would be”. We are settling now after long and meaningful/nonsense discussions... So the fact remains the same... Why restlessness???

I wake up in middle of night... as if I never slept... then will be totally blank... Will try and sleep again... This happens quite often now... and to some extent I get irritated. It’s very hectic in office, cuz of 2 releases round the corner. Thankfully things are shaping well, and team is responding in a phenomenal spirit. I guess this year will be the most happening for me... Have been pretty close to the team and worked hard with them and now I am seeing great results. So from that front am definitely at ease. So that cannot be the reason of my restlessness.

Market is going haywire, but I know what exactly I am doing and the kind of value am adding to the business... so that’s not the concern at all. All am thinking about is taking our products to the next level. There is nothing more I can ask for from the professional life... may be more money... ;) Ok on serious note... I am learning, taking more responsibility from delivery standpoint. Reaching more to the business, Reading more articles, doing more critical things from technical standpoint... So my professional life cannot be the reason again.

So for now, I have decided I won’t be thinking about things consciously. I feel it’s just a phase and shall subside... Hope that things settle down fast.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

God Google!!!

Its been a long time we heard about video chat innovating, at last its here... and am sure its tough to one up this... Its Google's Voice Chat!!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008


The way am feeling or going through can be summed up with only one word “change”. And I have concluded now that it’s for better for sure. Although too many things changing in positive direction worries me cuz I fail to experience the feeling of earning and thus it’s not that satisfying. 

My professional life is also going through a change for quite some time now.  It was tough to begin with but it’s getting settled with time. Industry is going down the hill; hope that it recovers after US election. Recruitment as a domain is also set for a big change. RPO is a buzz word for the next generation. I feel pity for Recruiters who are working for a big corporate as they will be the soft targets to start with. On some corners I do feel they were so complacent about their job that this day would have definitely come.

Personal life… I guess is heading towards for even a bigger change. Not long back I wanted to live alone, but now I am realizing its due for change. Have contravened all the negative thoughts and have lot of reasons to think positive now… :)

I am thinking a lot may be… planning, situations, interactions… hope everything settles soon. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Eight Years!!!

I was preparing for my BSc first second papers, when saw an ad for the competition organized by an upcoming ISP (Avadh, it no longer exists). After a lot of delays it actually happened. 2 tense rounds which involved whole day and I was declared the winner of "Design Online Challenge". It remained to be the only competition where I won, and I hope not the only one... :)

Many things changed in these eight years but my attitude towards work only compounded. Sometimes I really feel time is funny, there was a time when I hardly used to study and now people (read my friends) call me workaholic.

It’s a kick I feel which a person gets addicted to, and the same happened with me I suppose. Just wanted to think back and smile. I owe it to my sister whose last minute encouragement worked, and yeah that gif was her choice… :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Apart from hectic work schedule in office, we are having "Managers Training" of sorts and that has nothing to do with me being a Manager, cuz i hate the word "MANAGER". It sounds like a laid back guy in mid 30's who uses team members as his "Frustration Toy". Ok i wont deviate from the topic... :)

We had our first session after the inaugral one (which by the way was amazing). A lady was our instructor who had around 13yrs of experience in HR field. Along with some valuable suggestions she hit my nerve by saying, "We spent most of the time with problem creators". After hearing that i got sudden pictures in my mind of doing the the exact activity.
That was a big lesson i learned, and now am practicing not to do the same and its working out effectively :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008


I was looking for some image editing tools and then saw this piknik and am clinging to it... Until someone suggests something more innovative...

Friday, July 18, 2008

"Suggested contacts" Am looking forward...

So at last google is tweaking the contacts managed Algorithm. It was for sure annoying at times... But sometimes it was very useful i should say :)

Best solution is let user decide which is a valid "Contact" for a person.

Read this

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008

Parenting Act!!!

I always liked kids and just love to baby sit. It’s tough to have some kid at home full time for now… so I always had a wish to have a gold fish which is pretty easy to have. I got it last year… and it was fun, cept that they dint last more than a year. I named them “Harry and Sally”, they were one of my fav characters in onscreen. Last week I got another pair and now I have someone whom I can talk to when am back home. after a lot of talks, we are starting to get along well now. I have named them “Jess and Celine” after another stunning characters onscreen from movie “Before Sunrise”. I am really glad that am able to fulfill my wish of parenting.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I've had enough I guess...

I surely give a thought over what’s the reason of my diminishing social life, but am yet to find a concrete answer. The irony of the whole thing is no one can believe I feel this way. Anyhow that doesn’t bother me. Coming back to the thought, I feel I am a big miser when it comes to time with someone. I have huge regard for time and that’s not gonna change. I will always prefer watching my favourite movie alone rather than meeting someone. This doesn’t mean I dun feel like being with people, but that club has less members and not many of them are in Bangalore.
I have met a lot of people in past 8 years and being myself with them was real tough job. What I gradually learned was to stay calm, composed and collective under any circumstance. I started practicing it and in the process lost all the expectations from my personal life. More often than not I feel its good, cuz whatever happens it doesn’t affect you much. I have moulded myself in a manner that I get the satisfaction in others happiness. And I do pamper myself by living alone and making things work on my own. That’s the nirvana for me.
I feel I sound complicated and complex... I dunno exactly... but that’s me for now... :)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

I want to live alone...

I don’t know since when and how... but I guess I have attained this feeling that I m happy being alone... and now it has gone into my sub-conscious... I love watching my favourite movies, songs... reading, writing... Studying... Cooking... Decorating... I mean there is so much to do that am failing to include anyone in my space... I don’t know if I am being selfish or not... Or if I m a loner... I really dun care... I am happy this way... :)

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Critics Segment - Part 1

I wanted to compile all the compliments/criticism till date, and obviously all the justified ones ;o). And I guess here is the day to see it all.

Ummm starting from my childhood, I had got lot of thrashing from my parents regarding studies. I was always contrasted with my extra brilliant sister. I used to get loads of comments from my teachers like… “Learn from your sister…”, “How come you both are siblings?”, “Don’t tell me you are Shazia’s brother…” So these were some of the hit comments. My parents also used to get very annoyed and then also used to add to the comments database. Sounds like a horrible childhood but it wasn’t, I agree I wasn’t too serious with studies.
I used to play a lot, and did fairly well there but never participated in any formal tournament. I was crazy for cricket, whether it was watching or playing. I used to maintain statistics of all Indian players back in my school days. And not surprisingly my folks used to hate my eccentricity.

With time my interest towards Computer Sc and Mathematics increased, and I got some respect there for change ;o) Then gradually I picked up in studies and got the taste of favoritism in my post grad. It did used to make me feel content.

I came to Bangalore and joined CareerNet. I never got any compliment from anybody formally, but I always found a special place in everyone’s heart. I went to L&T for 9.5 months. That place never matched my insights and attitude. People were dull there; one of the colleagues said publicly that “You are too active...”, it took time for me to really understand what exactly he meant by that. But there were people who liked my technical skills and my vocal attitude. I got a lot of respect there as well.

I was back in CareerNet and my CEO once said “I have less to worry, as Wali is back…” I knew I was a novice technology person back then. I got introduced to one of the finest character I have seen and that’s LN (Lakshmi Narayan, now VP in SAP Labs). He is my idol for sure, that guy had a huge experience in everything and is still so down to earth. I have learnt a lot from him and probably still learning a lot. Well everybody in our team waited to hear at least one satisfactory remark. But he always used to find some design issues. Each one of us very glad to see the things from his eyes, cuz it was unique and next to perfect. Few months back he commented on the product that “Now people can spend money to use the product…” This means a lot to me personally, as each one of us here has given everything or I guess more than everything they possess for this product.

I completed 3 years in CareerNet and was felicitated few months back. Well it’s always a proud moment to be in such occasions. There was a lot of fun on the stage, as Pashu (pati) referred me in this company so was cracking few jokes… Anshu (man) then said one sentence “If I had to choose one guy he trusts the most, it would be me…, and he is the guy of ethics…”, that’s the biggest earning I have had in my life I guess.

So this shall end the professional critics segment. I never carry the praise for long, cuz I know it has already happened and now I have to achieve something new. I am too hungry to achieve things and I just hope I just stay the same forever.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Am I Arrogant or Provokingly Abrasive or Casually Rough?

On Sunday was having a deep conversation with my sister, and she told me that am little arrogant. It gave me a jolt, but after a lot of thought I concluded that the manner in which I present things may not be always well perceived. It’s ludicrous but still I will relate it with my sun sign :o) Saggi's are blunt and lack diplomacy. I have seen a lot of ups and downs in life, and have worked very hard for all that I have got. I will surely consider myself lucky that all my hard work was noticed and rewarded. I hate certain things in life and I will always do it no matter what therefore I tend to get harsh on those subjects, and yeah can also get rude on occasions. The emotion behind the cause is very strong and sincere feeling on that issue, but the presentation is not apt at times.

Usually am very patient in explaining things but sometimes when the other person is talking some crap and not even ready to listen that’s one situation I get impatient and might get abrasive. So I will categorize this act of mine under provokingly abrasive.

In a different scenario, when someone is inquisitive about my current work and remuneration or my future plans or my dreams I tend to be very true. Am very aggressive and I wanna set high standards for myself. I know not everyone is like that, and if I share those thoughts with them they will look down on themselves or they shall feel am in air. I don’t care if someone thinks am in air, cuz that’s not true. If someone looks down on himself it’s his/her problem and that person have to deal with it. Well I also feel that sometimes my idea of motivating results as a negative impact as people might take it as a lot of expectation may be cuz they lack belief in themselves. I shall categorize this act as casually rough, what I can do to prevent some ugly situation is while expressing my ideas I should be very careful about the person am talking to.

Major problem with my attitude is I speak my mind whether I talk to a stranger or a friend. I believe sometimes one has to be very polished. What best i can do is I shall try to be more careful when I express my views over any subject in public.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Zip Trip!

On 27th had a flying visit to Delhi to attend a wedding, and gosh it was hectic or may be hectic is less explanatory. Not surprisingly I suffered from cold and fatigue after I was back to my home [Bangalore :o)].

Ok back to Trip, I was very excited for the whole visit as I was supposed to meet my sis, cousins and some family friends. It turned out to be an eye opener for me and got to know many things about myself. Some of them were, "Have changed a lot...", "Am arrogant...", "I can demoralize people", "I can give complex to people...", "I still hate people who believe in pomp 'n' show", "I still cant acclimatize to a noisy event". I would require separate posts to cover each one of it, would try to do it as soon as I can.

I spent bulk of the time with my sister and had long discussion over marriage and future. I am glad that am so close to my sister and have gone through so much that can at least help someone. Well my sister has seen a lot of world I guess but still there are topics which need different perspective/angle.

I love the relation we share and hope that it remains forever.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happily Confused?

My life has always been pretty interesting. Confusion, Complexity, Uncertainty, Irrationality, Illogicality, Thrills… these are some of the flavors of my life. It’s a vague thought of mine that every person’s life has a pattern. May be I think a lot, or I analyze my life a lot… I love to talk to people and try to understand things from their perspective; in the process I have become too accommodating. Now am on the verge of concluding that it’s a quality no more.

Pattern of my life is pretty obvious now; I dun get one problem at a time. It’s like attending to innumerable problems in one go and none of them will have margin to err. I can’t crib about those situations as I end up learning the most from them. I have to fight with pain, anguish, anxiety, restlessness, irritation and few more reactive measures which most of the times add up to the problem.

There are some situations of my life which keeps on repeating and I hate them for sure. Whenever I badly need something or I am short of something in my personal life I will be getting that in abundance suddenly but for a period and that shall vanish leaving some pretty moments and memory. I don’t know relating everything with past is the smartest thing or not, but it’s quite natural for anyone to do and I am no different. So it gets confusing for me in that period, I have to take a call on whether to hold that moment or fight hard and make the pattern change.

I have a huge circle but I am a miser when it comes to spend my precious time with someone. I will always prefer to be alone and do something that I want rather than going out for a party. And if I m with my love I will still prefer to be at a quiet place and talk rather than being at a loud public place. Ummm I m ignoring the shopping time which I simply enjoy :0).

I have no boundaries of love at all; I tend to give everything I have which is gradual process for sure. I know that’s not wise at all but it’s too tough to handle. Another pain area is my eyes, my touch and my love I read things every time I am with a person. Most of the times I m on the right page, but that’s too scary for the person to take. I keeping the confidence on my mind reading ability, start talking about it to other person. And yeah not pressurizing that person to share it, yet make the person listen it. Sometime it might be a fair thing to do taking into consideration that person is very understanding. For others it’s an abnormal behavior.

Not that all my actions are dependent on sun signs, but I do analyze things on those lines as well. Problem with Saggi’s are they do and say what’s their in their heart, and sadly heart (read feeling) is most of the times very illogical. That’s one reason they can be taken in a wrong sense without much effort.

I am passing through the same phase again, and I feel am happily confused!!!

Angels in disguise!

Morning of 3rd was absolutely awful, my hr came and told that one of my teammate was found lying unconscious on road by another employee of our company (Anitha and Bassu). I was really anxious about it; cuz that guy is diabetic and had already collapsed in office once. I called up Anitha and she was finding really hard to control the guy cuz he was having convulsion. They took him to another hospital where he was given drip. And slowly he was back to consciousness.

I can’t really express how many prayers I would have done until I saw him in sense although I was so furious at that guy who is so reckless. It’s very unfortunate that people can’t really respect the value of their life. I just hope sanity prevails and he takes care of himself in future. But nothing can be taken away from those two angels in disguise.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Indigo Dignified

I have very low image of any Indian authority, but that got a shocker on 30th Dec. My folks were travelling from Bombay to Bangalore from Indigo Airlines. For a change my mom behaved reckless and dropped the cell in aircraft. We had no choice but to block the number and lodge FIR, still we tried to call the number for few hours. In evening it started to ring and someone picked the call, it was one of the crew of that flight. I explained the whole situation and she promised that she shall return the cell next day.

Although it took 2 days and lot of phone calls to Chennai/Bangalore to get back the mobile but still it was a very professional response which I never expected.
At least this whole episode brought some faith in the system.