Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Extended Tour-de-Mysore Part II (Personal Life)

I was in a lorry on Bangalore highway, heading towards Mysore with all my household stuff. Leaving my favorite place and moving to a place where I know none. Was lil scared as I had lil idea of the local language. It was tiresome journey as lorry's speed was irritating me a lot. I did get a call from HR confirming my joining date whom I assured that am on my way. Reached guest house and met Amar, who happened to be the caretaker. He was an excellent cook. Soon my routine got healthy, was having proper meals after 2 years... With juice and all... ;) I gained few kilos straight away.

I hardly took any time to mingle with people in L&T (right kinda people obviously :D ) Well it was after a long time I realized that the people I interacted more were 90% GALS... And that happened when I used to get alien expressions from expressionless faces. For some people it was surprise/agony/topic at tea... It was speculations all around, although it was the first time I was working in a big company but those faces were not totally unfamiliar. I was smart enough to ignore it, and I hardly cared about it, but I would have given it back if somebody would have commented. But good for "some people" they never gave me a chance to tear them apart ;).

I found really tough to find a good house for me, and after shifting to 3 places found one which was good enough. After shifting I struggled for breakfast big time. Then came someone sweet enough to cook breakfast for me... It was Pooja... We used to have it together after reaching office. That’s the sweetest thing someone has ever done for me.

Gradually I started to talk to more people and it was the annual function skit which brought me close to few more. Now our gang was big, and we used to have lunch/Tea together. I did started playing badminton after office hours, which I enjoyed a lot . I also took part in Championships there, that was an experience for sure.

I knew had to leave one day, but that day arrived pretty soon and ended with a bad taste. People were really scared to talk to me cuz I had a big argument with the managers. Some people were behaving as if I had taken revenge for everyone... ;) After this episode I realized how necessary it is to cognize people about the whole situation. I don’t know if that was the smartest thing in the world to do, but yeah I did it. My close people panicked a lot, as they never saw me in that shade... ;) It was all fun though. Anyhow things came to an end, and I had to leave some of my closest people...

I am still in touch with almost all of them... It’s sometime really crazy to think, how life changes in split seconds...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Extended Tour-de-Mysore Part I (Professional Life)

I still can’t believe that I stayed in Mysore for 9.5 months and now more than 8 months have already passed working in Bangalore again. It’s really strange how time flies away in front of ya.

The biggest change in my life was the working hours, which was pretty bizarre when I used to work in Careernet. Now I had to wake up in 6:30 and then reach office at 8:30.

I was very impressed with my Manager though, he gave me lot of freedom and always welcomed new ideas. I had a very bad impression about service industry and their culture so was lil skeptical about what would I go through. But I really felt at home after talking to my Manager/Lead. My team had amazingly hard working people with sharp technical minds with good domain knowledge. It took time for them to accept me but then later on we had a good working relation. My place was shuffled a bit before I opted to sit next to my PL, I just adored that place. We used to have lot of fun in that cubicle.

My work started with series of conference calls and some presentations. It also included a visit to Bombay which was cool. I was new to ASP.Net so I got some buffer time to get accustomed to the Product and Domain. My project people were really helpful I shall say. I was appreciated a lot cuz of my interpersonal skills. It was soon I found out that was the pain area of L&T, Mysore. 2-3 months passed in no time. I made some genuine friends in gals, with whom my wavelength matched. Had to mention name of Pooja and Shwetha... who were my lifeline and of course Shabana my adorable gal...

I made design/strategy for collating data into our database from some other groups, which involved lot of politics. In lieu of that lot of time got killed, so I also contributed in other areas. And after some time, we made the whole infrastructure for the whole thing and were waiting for the green signal to proceed with further thing.

One fine morning, My PM called me up and asked if I was interested for an on-site. I clearely mentioned that, if the work is fine and includes some challenges am always ready for it. There were two opportunities for Japan and US. I did give a client interview for US project and it went good. My VISA process followed, for which I went to Chennai.

The visit was a memorable one for all the negative reasons; I have a detailed blog on that (Visa Issue). I was not allowed to give the Interview as my name was lil controversial (Wali "OMER" khan). I was disappointed and came back to Mysore. My mood was off more cuz I missed company outing to Mangalore. This was the time when Ashish (Careernet) started to convince me to get back for a new Project. Frankly speaking I was never serious about it until I met LN who was a man that made me believe how exactly technology can be used to solve business problems. I did have other issues which were solved quickly and my extended tour came to an end with mixed emotions.