Thursday, May 25, 2006

Errr from Google

Well i have been into blogs for sometime, and into RSS feeds as well. I have a gmail personalized home and i added a feed of my blog there, I found out something recently which was awful. I published one of the articles twice by mistake, although i deleted it from blog, its still reflecting in XML feed as a result there are two entries of the same Article when i view it in my website.
Seems like Google has a work in their hands.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Is choosing a "Startup Company" and "Billion Dollar Company" too tough...

I worked in Careernet Consulting for 1.5 Years, which was a great experience. Have learnt a lot from that place, whether that be transformation of thoughts, being mentally tough, getting technical exposure and many more edging facets of life. Meeting guys like Kapil, Abhishek and Ashish who were constantly challenging the limits I have and making sure I scale up my boundaries. But I knew that was not the place for an IT Developer as it lacked IT environment, Software Processes, Technical resources, and many more things.

Finally after lot of thoughts I left Careernet and joined L&T Infotech. Although I knew they are not good paymasters but if I stay in Mysore I could end up saving a lot in comparison to Bangalore. I was pretty lucky in terms to get peers and Managers. Ram was one person in Company whom I can really count on. He always gave me freedom to work and was always in the process to make me a strong technical prospect for company. Gayathri although being sedate was a true understanding guide for me. But the things that were bugging me were the poor technical planning which was due to absence of technically sound leaders and managers. I didn’t expect much challenge on work front, as that’s the story of Service Industry. But I was lucky to be a part of Product, I did grasp many things, although Quality part was hindrance rather than being a reason to improve in processes and technical approaches. I did had a big episode with my Passport, which I believe was not the fault of L&T but the follow up could have been better.

I continued to be a part of Careernet all this time and they started to miss my presence, its true I was also missing the culture and people. I was more so emotionally attached with that place. I have seen that place growing up in front of my eyes, and I was very happy to be a part of it.

Now that when their own Product is taking a grand leap, they want me back. I have had a look of architecture that is just amazing and I know technically there is no second thought of it being the best in market. People involved at the cream level are best in Industry. Compensation part would be best in Industry. But still there is something why am holding myself back to enter into it. It’s a mixture of many things one of the very serious thing being "how long commitment am ready to give to that place?"

Am planning to marry at the end of next year and I know I have to be at a specific feat. So am in a phase of churning my mind and getting the answer outta it :0).

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pain of Documention in Code Base

Lately I have been reading lot of Articles and Posts over certain topics. One of them being how can we automate the process of adding a comment in code base. Which i believe is necessary in any Company for maintenance purpose. Was surprised not to get many Queries in forums and Articles. As a matter of fact adding comment or a little documentation will never be appreciated by any core developer. But for quality norms some kind of documentation is really justified for Impact Analysis and it really helps at the time of Knowledge Sharing sessions. I do agree every Developer thinks that he is a CHAMP in remembering every piece of code added by him but that deviates from the reality.

I am right now working on VB.Net and and still searching for the best utility in market.